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    I just finished Whole30 and had success with both scale and non scale victories!  Lost 9 pounds, and inch everywhere plus 3” in my waist.  The biggest benefit was not being controlled by cravings and truly being satiated from my meals!  I used to have to eat something every 2 hours or I couldn’t function.  I’d work out 4-6 times a week for 1.5 hours with cardio and weightlifting and couldn’t lose inches or pounds unless I starved myself.  So happy with how I feel, I decided only to add back in one item.  Whole milk with my coffee.  In doing so I dropped the avacado topper on my egg scramble this morning.  Egg scramble includes lots of veggies, compliant bacon and sweet potatoes.  I’m hungry and my stomach is growling 2 hours after eating.  Was it a mistake to think the milk fat would replace the avacado fat?