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  1. Whoops, delayed post again. Day 9: Sleep: Okay. Had a hard time falling asleep and staying asleep, but didn't wake up feeling too tired. M1: Shredded sweet potato, chorizo, fried egg. I'm obsessed! M2: Slow-cooked ribs, roasted asparagus with olive oil, salt, and nutritional yeast M3: Baby carrots with compliant ranch Mood: Bad, very depressed and had a rough day with negative self-talk. Day 10: Sleep: Went to sleep way too late and slept in way too late, but I slept! M1: Smoothie, clementine M2: Leftover ribs and carrots M3: Lef
  2. Thanks, Rebecca! I certainly hope so, my friends have all been very understanding. That is something that's good to think about. It's a little bit frustrating, because I'm really not affected by how the people around me are eating, so it's hard for me to understand why so many people take offense to other's eating habits. It feels like as soon as you don't want to touch a slice of bread, everyone around you is a nutritionist! We attach a lot of emotion to eating, and I think that when people see someone making a change like this, they reflexively react to it like they're somehow being
  3. Day 8: Sleep: Had a very hard time falling asleep, but once I did I was out all night M1: Banana with almond butter, and cold brew with some almond milk (hey, that’s my morning smoothie un-blended!) M2: Sweet potato, fried egg, and chorizo. M3: Was out and about, didn’t get a chance to eat :( Snack: Carrots, grapes Note: Took the plunge and told some friends and family that I'm not going to be eating with them for a little while. My birthday is next week, and restrictions here have almost completely lifted, so I know that a lot of people are wanting to do someth
  4. Day 7: Week one done! Sleep: Very good M1: Smoothie, fried egg, sautéed kale M2: Hard boiled egg, clementine, carrots with garlic/lemon dip I made earlier this week M3: Half a roasted acorn squash stuffed with chicken, onions, garlic, and cashews. Topped with the garlic/lemon dip mixed with compliant buffalo sauce. Mood: Good, normal! Haven't been cranky at all this week. Note: I'm pooping non-stop :(
  5. Day 6: Sleep: Excellent! M1: Shredded sweet potato, chorizo, fried egg Snacks: Half a personal sized watermelon, grapes, hard boiled egg I wasn't in the mood to eat for the rest of the day, for whatever reason. Didn't feel hungry or tired, just disinterested. Mood: A little low energy, which is usual for me. I wouldn't say that I felt particularly brain-foggy, just like I was on autopilot.
  6. Day 5: Sleep: Had a hard time sleeping again, got about 4 hours. Dreamt that I ate an entire chocolate orange and then was surprised that it wasn't Whole 30 compliant. M1: Smoothie M2: Three deviled eggs and a side of sautéed kale with garlic Snack: Half a personal sized watermelon M3: Shredded sweet potato, chorizo, fried egg Mood: Emotionally feeling good/normal, but still very brain foggy and a bit lightheaded. Note: I forgot to add this yesterday, but I've been bloating up like crazy these last couple days. I hope that it doesn't last long, cause boy is
  7. Whoops, late post. Day 3: Sleep: Total insomnia, not W30 related (Baking a potato in the June heat made the house too hot to sleep. Rookie mistake) M1: Smoothie, larabar, handful of cashews, chicken M2: Hard-boiled egg with tabasco, clementine M3: An entire head of cauliflower (What is wrong with me?) Mood: Terrible, feeling very sick from not sleeping. Immediately wanted a sugary snack to make myself feel emotionally better, caved a little bit and had a larabar with breakfast. Cravings went away as the day went on. Day 4: Sleep: Finally slept like a
  8. Hi Maria! This time has been much much easier than the last one I did, mostly because my schedule is so much clearer, but also because I'm realizing that a lot of the meals I eat normally are already Whole30 compliant or very close. Last time I was transitioning off of a much worse diet (I worked in the food service industry, so my diet was 90% horrible things from work) and 30 days of whole foods was a drastic change. My last W30 was probably about five years ago, so a lot has changed! I've been using this brand of chorizo, and it's delicious! It was surprisingly easy to find complia
  9. Day 2: M1: Smoothie (got distracted and forgot to make the "chewable" portion of breakfast) M2: Tuna salad wraps, clementine M3: Steak (note: learn to cook steak that doesn't taste and feel like rubber), half a baked potato, and brussel sprouts with bacon and balsamic vingar Mood: Good! Sleep: Terrible insomnia, not W30 related.
  10. Okay, time to treat this log like a log. Day 1: M1: Scrambled egg, chorizo, smoothie (half a banana, almond milk and cold brew, and a spoonful of almond butter). I'm used to just having a big smoothie for breakfast, so a mini-smoothie and some chewable food is an easy transition. M2: (I'm filling this out a day later, and I weirdly can't remember. I may have just snacked on a clementine?) M3: Burger patty (admittedly not the best quality, but Smith's 10 for $10 patties helps keep this affordable) with sautéed onions, half an avocado, and yellow mustard. Side of sautéed
  11. Before I start my first entry, I want to take a minute to reflect on my body. I have a great body. Like, a really great body. The caveat is that it isn't a pretty body, and that's the one aspect of it that I tend to get hung up on. Every time that I change my eating pattern, or consistently go to the gym, it's always done with self-hatred as a motivator. I've achieved a lot with self-hatred; it's an incredibly powerful motivational tool! It's also one that leaves me miserable, and unable to acknowledge (much less enjoy) any personal victories. Every time I look in the mirror (