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  1. I was going to start today, but I took supplements this morning. I'm transitioning from keto to whole30 to carb cycle. I have been stuck for a while and even gain weight on strict keto. I only weigh 139-146lbs, I bounce around in there. I'm sure that makes it harder. Last time I was really stuck I weighed 205 and whole30 broke that. I have already removed all dairy except heavy cream and butter for 30 days and since I've been on keto forever I already don't eat most of the stuff on the "no" list. My problem is adding things. I ate potatoes and carrots and apple yesterday, so weird. Lol. A
  2. Be careful of the cheese, I think that's what was killing me. Add slowly like they say. Also cheese activates the opiate receptors in your brain, so when you feel like your addicted to cheese, you really are.
  3. I take a lot of supplements and truthfully I would love to cut some out. I'm on so many meds and with the supplements they don't fit in my pill box. So I am wondering about regular supplements, I seem to take a lot individually. Plus I take tart cherry, cranberry, biotin, collagen, maca root, turmeric and most importantly kratom. I mix all the powders in almond milk, unsweetened vanilla, the ingredients look good, but then it says natural flavors, which could mean anything. So I guess tomorrow will be day 1. I have keto milk, but pea protein, I didn't read that yet, but it'