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She tentatively continued stroking Ethan’s cock, using both hands and trying to mimic the exact same motions Kellie had used. She looked up at Ethan, who had been moaning steadily this entire time, thankfully his eyes were closed. Another glob of precum appeared, and Kellie hesitated, groaned with desire and guilt, and then latched her mouth onto the tip of his cock, slurping up the delicious cum as Kellie had done. Kristin’s pussy was soaking wet, and she could feel how damp her panties were. Suddenly Ethan moaned, "mmm Kellie, keep going. Go deeper." She nearly jumped out of her skin and ran out the door. Instead, she froze, wide eyed, lips still wrapped around the head of his cock.

Chapter 5 Kristin paused uncertainly, this was the first time she had ever touched a cock by herself. What if she stroked too hard? Or too soft? What if he ejaculated before Kellie returned??? She was breathing heavily and her heart felt like he had called her by his wife’s name. Kristin reluctantly but excitedly began moving her mouth up and down on Ethan’s huge cock. She could taste the delicious precum with every stroke now. She tentatively pushed her mouth down even further, until it tickled the back of her throat. The feeling sent a shock straight to her nipples and clit, and she nearly came then and there. She emitted a muffled gurgling moan as she held herself as deep as she thought she could go.

he thought it was you! I didn’t know what to do! You shouldn’t have left me…", she whispered apologetically. Trying not to look directly at her sister’s perfect, naked body. "I heard him asking you to go deeper, and you did great! I’ll have teach you how to deepthroat later…", Kellie said excitedly, rubbing her hands over her tits and pinching her nipples, lewdly. Kristin gawked at the display. "Get undressed first though. He won’t last much longer and I don’t want to ruin your cute outfit with cum." "Wait… I thought it was all going in the pitcher? I shouldn’t be doing this with your husband, Kellie… and you never said anything about taking my clothes off", Kristin whispered.