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  1. Yes, it is helpful, thank you. It's just hard to grasp eating multiple fats at one meal. I'm following the meal template for portion sizes, but for me, I'm wondering if it actually does all "even out in the wash." I don't eat seafood, so my main proteins have been chicken, turkey, pork and ground beef, and I eat eggs for breakfast with spinach and sweet potatoes cooked in ghee. So while other Whole30ers may be having less fats at one meal due to having fish, I feel as though I am limited by that option. If I have a salad, I add chicken, tomatoes, pecans, avocado and oil/vinegar for the dressin
  2. Hello! Day 1 of Whole30 here. I read the textbook but actually applying it to life is a different story. I'm confused as to how much fat at one meal is too much. The recipes in the textbook seem to use more fat than the guidelines state. A few questions/examples: -If I make pumpkin soup with a can of pumpkin, full fat coconut milk, veggies, and 2 tbsp cooking fat, doesn't that include all of the fat I should be eating at one meal? -If I make a salad with lettuce, chicken, veggies, and homemade compliant ranch dressing, isn't the dressing the fat (aka should I not add nuts and a