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  1. Ok so for breakfast typically 4-5 slices of bacon 2-3 eggs mango and avocado slices and whatever whole 30 approved that I can get in my mouth. I could eat that x2 before I’d have a scoop of protein drink coffee peanut butter and oatmeal that would carry me all day till 3-4 pm I’m definitely eating enough I just never feel like I’ve eaten ..
  2. Ok so I was eating plantain chips and started over so I was on day 4 after 20 days - but eating the plantain chips with salsa- Back on it- then I realized that my pumpkin seeds had peanut oil so now i on day 3 last night I was like why am I doing this again? I want a Reece’s cup!!! ive been sick , my skin is a wreck (psoriasis) I’m so hungry.. The good news? food tastes soooo much better than it used to. I like broccoli (!) I don’t think I’ve ever fed my body properly I don’t actually think I’ve got tiger blood but I definitely don’t feel
  3. Ok so far I’m on like Day 10 or 11 I lost count. I’ve been horribly sick for 6 days. im starting to feel better. I have not deviated from the plan. I need tiger blood soon
  4. So, I did a half day on Wednesday, but Thursday was my first full day. I printed off the chart for my mom so she knew what to expect day one (and a half) I had some carrots and they tasted like candy. I had to check the ingredients, no sugar! (Starting off Keto) ive felt pretty crappy today, but food tastes better, WOW! I literally just ate some ground beef with a yellow pepper and a teaspoon of salsa and fresh cilantro and it was like the best thing I’ve ever eaten..