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  1. Hi, I am on day 7, how's it going sop far for you?
  2. So far so good for me, I have had quite a headache but I am not sure if that's from starting or from lack of sleep or something else. I was already eating mostly compliant foods so I am mainly giving up cream and sweetener in my coffee and dark chocolate plus some little cheese, not much though. I have a lot of leftovers in the frig so today for breakfast I had leftover meatballs over hearts of palm pasta, spinach salad with creamy italian dressing and a fried egg on top, plus a few grapes and coffee with coconut milk. Yesterday I had a hard time drinking my coffee without sweetener but
  3. You can use a portobello mushroom cap as the "crust" and top it with sauce and toppings of choice.
  4. There are cassava noodles but I haven't tried them yet and I am not sure if they would be compliant because they might fall under the same guidelines as breads and baked goods substitutes. I like to use hearts of palm pasta but it doesn't soak things up.
  5. I started today, 8/18. I was thinking of doing it for September but I have a wedding and guests visiting the last weekend of the month so I went ahead and started early! How's it going so far for those on board?