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  1. So far so good for me, I have had quite a headache but I am not sure if that's from starting or from lack of sleep or something else.  I was already eating mostly compliant foods so I am mainly giving up cream and sweetener in my coffee and dark chocolate plus some little cheese, not much though.

    I have a lot of leftovers in the frig so today for breakfast I had leftover meatballs over hearts of palm pasta, spinach salad with creamy italian dressing and a fried egg on top, plus a few grapes and coffee with coconut milk.  Yesterday I had a hard time drinking my coffee without sweetener but this morning it's actually pretty good.

    For lunch I will probably have more leftovers:  beef and broccoli plus carrots and other veg maybe with almond butter,

    Dinner plans tonight is taco salad with leftover pork, avocado, tomato and whatever else I can find.  The family will probably have actual tacos but no wraps for me as I don't have any lettuce that would work as a wrap right now.  

    This is my first Whole30 and I am optimistic.  Some of the regular foods allowed are ones I have been avoiding like nightshades but I am going to play around with letting some in (like tomatoes for dinner tonight) and maybe even some potatoes.  We will see how I feel with those items and whether I want to continue with those or not.