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  1. I hope you are okay PearlGirl2017. After the increasing number of severe storms we are getting in my area of Sydney, we bought a small generator. Best investment ever and much cheaper over the long run than replenishing the fridge and freezer. I’m 48 and in lockdown that has just been extended for 2 months. Have spent the last 2 months being a sloth and eating comfort food so I’m definitely in for the September challenge. Pre-COVIC, I used to do a 30day health kick 4 times a year regularly. Haven’t done one for 18mths now so will need all the camaraderie I can join in with.
  2. Hi all, Down here in Sydney we are just starting our Lockdown (8 weeks into it is still early days in comparison to some countries) and I really need some motivation to get out of the comfort food spiral. Does anyone know how I can join in a September challenge? I keep crashing and burning when I try to start a Whole 30 by myself.