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  1. I came upon a post on the Whole30 Forum with a few different UK residents on it. Regrettably, I can't seem to find it again!!! Whole30/Paleo is different in the UK since we don't have access to all of the goods and brands that Americans have. I wanted to create a community for those of us who reside in the UK so that we could exchange Whole30 ideas and techniques. Is there anyone else out there????
  2. At Mcmennimins, I ordered a Caesar salad with grilled chicken and no croutons. I assumed the grilled chicken was just grilled, but I subsequently discovered it had been seasoned with an in-house garlic salt combination. Do you think that's Keto-friendly? I'm concerned it included sugar... any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Hello! I'll be moving into an apartment next year, and I've already purchased a George Forman barbecue! I've never cooked chicken before, but I'm planning on grilling a bunch for meal prep, and I believe I'll switch up the spices every day to keep things inte