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  1. I was diagnosed with Young Onset Parkinson's Disease YOPD in 2019. Dr put me on carodopa/levodopa, which alleviated my symptoms. Up until last week I was taking meds 2-3x/day, as needed. 

    Sept 2 I began Whole30 after reading that leaky gut can lead to auto-immune conditions. Could healing leaky gut and the microbiome improve or fully reverse PD? The research I found was encouraging enough for me to try: https://www.hindawi.com/journals/pd/2019/7535472/

    I opted to stay mostly vegan except eggs and chicken bone broth (from my local butcher shop, not off a grocery shelf). I also added in collagen powder and typical gut restoration powder without additives, turmeric, Omega 3, daily apple cider vinegar, and probiotics.

    First five days were detoxing, then the mental clarity set in. I awoke alert for the first time in years. My body moved with more fluidity. I stopped my PD meds, which is fully approved by my Dr. The next two days I awoke to literally feel the neuropathy in my right hand and right foot melting away. What a happy moment...I welled up in tears. Fine motor movement was returning after 5 years!

    Today, Day 10, my arm swings naturally when I walk (a typical symptom of PD when it does not). My debilitating fatigue is completely gone. Cognitive confusion and slowness is gone. My clunky PD gait is fluid now and has returned to normal.  I keep giving myself the PD clinical neurological tests and see no signs of slow movement on my right side.

    It's stunning, and yet I always fully believed this was somehow possible - so I'm overjoyed to share that it truly is!  I am walking on sunshine and feel like I'm 35 again (I'm 50+ and felt like 80 a few days ago). No exaggeration. If it helps to note, I never cheated, not even by a single bite and I currently don't want to consume gluten, dairy, caffeine, sugar, or alcohol again. But I am still learning and still at the very beginning of this journey. I look forward to reading your stories of reintroduction.

    A side benefit to Whole30 is discovering the joy of cooking and the good taste of food when you don't eat sugar!!  I dearly hope someone else/many others with PD will have the same experience.