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    am92 reacted to peacefullyfierce in Is anyone interested in a Nov 1 start date?   
    Yay!  So glad to hear from you both!  I am excited but also afraid, mostly that I will forget how important it is to me once I get going - like once I feel better I hope I don't just think what the heck and eat a piece of pizza or some other unwise thing.  It's easy to eat healthy when you are feeling poorly, you know?  Also I work 12 hr shifts and don't always have scheduled breaks.  That has proven to be challenging as far as food prep (making it a priority when I am already tired) and not just going to the hospital cafeteria and getting chicken strips.  Also I have a hard time drinking enough water during my shifts, sometimes I may only get two glass in over a 24hr period because I dont want to have to be peeing all the time, and I know that's imperative for all sorts of health, from brain to skin to immune to guts, and I need to just drink it and know how much better I'll feel.  Think of it like Master Yoda - "do or do not, there is no try"   So true!  Tonight I made the BEST roasted chicken drumsticks from Nom Nom Paleo, felt good to prepare and create something for my son and I that was good for my body and also fun and easy and delicious.  I'm happy to be hearing from others on their paths to feeling better!  
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    am92 got a reaction from peacefullyfierce in Is anyone interested in a Nov 1 start date?   
    Hi I'm also planning on starting November 1st. I just heard about Whole30 a week ago, I bought the 30 day guide to health food and freedom and I'm currently dong research to find out as much as I can before starting. I'm hoping my chronic brain fog will improve along with digestive issues (IBS) I've struggled with most of my life and of course body composition changes will be a plus. I'm excited and nervous because there is so much information that it can be a bit overwhelming.