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    I love to bake, trail ride our two horses, chicken keeping, sew, garden, and take photos.

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First off I want to mention that this forum as been very helpful, and I appreciate the time everyone puts into answering questions. 

I'm Avery, an aspiring veterinarian and lover of animals. I got turned onto the Whole30 when doing research on holistic treatments and natural nutrition for my two dogs, Comet and Ember. I put them on a raw diet, and figured there had to be something out there I could do for myself. I found Whole30 and immediately put a start date on my calendar. I've been enjoying trying new recipes, and am loving this new energy! I plan on staying as close to Whole30 guide lines as possible afterward, as I'm loving this lifestyle change. 

Otherwise, I love baking, trail riding, photography, chicken keeping, sewing, and gardening. Anything outdoorsy, or having to do with animals. :)