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  1. Well I am annoyed. I am on day 15 and just found out there was a tiny bit of honey in my salad dressing today. I always get a compliant basil dressing but today got a green goddess because it was pre-30 default and I wasn't thinking. I really can't "start over" since I am heading to Jamaica shortly after the 30 so I guess I'll just soldier on and settle for whatever it will be. Rah!
  2. I am on day 11. for the most part, i haven't really had too hard of a time but I am feeling a little blue which is said to be normal for this period in the 30. I have been working out everyday to keep my head on straight. wish my pants felt looser but what ya gonna do.
  3. My partner and I are starting January 2. I have already kind of started but haven't gone full throttle. I have had this book for years and used to be about 50 lbs lighter.. trying not to focus on weight but focus more on cleansing my organs (they could use it!) Drinking and eating the last several years has been a real problem. Prior to, I was actually quite healthy. I would like to see myself that way again- thanks for starting this thread!