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  1. Hello, my name is Kayla and this will be my first Whole30 experiment/experience. My start date is January 3rd.  
    I used to be a nutrition and CrossFit coach at my own gym, and felt the healthiest I had ever felt in my life.  I had to close my gym due to being diagnosed with cancer and then going through a nasty divorce.  In order to support myself and my daughters, I took an office job (which I do love) that aligned with my degree. Fast forward 6 years, and I have never weighed as much as I do now in my entire 36 years.  Not to mention how terrible I feel inside and emotionally.  I’m slowly finding who I am after a long terrible marriage and I’m finally ready to take care of me so I can take better care of my girls and be more present and happy.  

    I stopped drinking alcohol 4 months ago, coffee one month ago and now I want to tackle the unhealthy foods that exacerbate my cravings and poor eating habits.  I’ve been preparing for the past 2 weeks to make sure I have meals planned and proper ingredients and even bought the Whole30, Day by Day book, I highly recommend it.  The Real Plans app is also amazing.  I’m looking forward to finding what foods are not my friends and just feeling all around better.