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  1. Thank you so much, @Aliem999! Also, I hope you feel better soon! I really appreciate it. Good to know about the raw veggies. I'm trying to increase my portions overall, but it's just hard to have enough time and energy to cook so much food. Still, I'm planning to do a Whole40, since my joint aches and pains haven't gone away (they've kind of gotten worse), to see if I just need a bit longer. Big congrats to everyone who has finished the program!!! Cheers to all of you!!! Anyone have any Tiger Blood (catching up on posts now)??
  2. Hi All, hope everyone is doing okay! Exciting to hear about all the NSVs - that's awesome! Congrats to everyone! I've just started Day 21. I felt really good the first week, then I got my period which kind of took me out, and now, for the last week, I've been having headaches every day and am really tired at night. And I find I'm still getting hungry between meals. I'm trying to eat as much as I can, and to eat potatoes for carbs and fat at every meal, but it sometimes still doesn't feel like enough. I already spend 30 mins eating my meal each time (way more than I used to before Whole30
  3. Hi! How is everyone doing? Just finished Day 3 here, and struggled with some nausea this morning, but eating some sweet potato (per the forum!) helped. I think not eating enough might also be causing nausea, maybe going too long between lunch and dinner. Usually I eat breakfast around 8:30 am and then lunch at 12 or 1 pm. But then, don't eat dinner till 7 pm. So, I get super hungry before dinner. And then start to fill up really quickly. Going to try to move up my dinner time. It's weird, I'm not having many cravings, but not really looking forward to my Whole30 meals, same as @its
  4. Hi Everyone, I'm a bit late to the party, but I'm chiming in to say, this is my first Whole30 - I started today! And, to send good energy and lots of strength to everyone doing the Whole30 this month! You got this! I meant to start on January 3rd, but got a massive neck muscle spasm on NYE, preventing me from doing any real meal prep for about a week. I was finally able to shop and prep yesterday and hit the ground running today! I'm nervous, but mainly excited for this and all the potential Whole30 has. I've been suffering from multiple long-term injuries since 2019. I've tr