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    First-timer here. I began my "shopping" last Monday made the fish stew from the book that night and started officially Tuesday the 4th. I'm doing well, considering I own a restaurant and have access to French fries all day long! I have all the tools and feel comfortable with menu-planning. My issues are primarily digestive. The elimination so far has been great. I'm struggling to a) know if I'm eating too much or too little b) make/modify meals for me and the family c) no wine - very tough d) (there's a d, lol) curbing the sweet tooth after dinner - going to pick up frozen mango and make some smoothies or "nice cream" hoping that works. I haven't slipped, but its only been a week and although the cravings are less, I still would like some ideas for a small sweet bite that is compliant?? Thanks for this forum. I plan to check-in from time to time to keep myself on track and get other peoples tips and tricks!