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  1. Paleo Running Momma has a lot of good ones that I've made over the past week and a half. Not too time consuming and the non Whole30 husband is loving them. I am still struggling with taste and smell, but if he says they're good, (even with vegetables in them?) then they must be! :) (probably his favorite so far and to cut time, I prepped the ground meet and potatoes on a Sunday, then did the meal on Tuesday.) (his second favorite)
  2. Hi all! I'm late to the party as well, although I did start on the 3rd! This is my 2nd time and I plan on doing one per season every year! I did wake up with an intense migraine yesterday, but not assuming it was from this process. And I'm doing pretty good so far I believe. Still dealing with long Covid symptoms may or may not be helping since things smell flat out terrible to me these days. But I've been prepping well, (much better this time than the first time) and I plan mid week, so I can start my grocery list.