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  1. Hurray! Thanks Kirsteen - saved me again!
  2. I've googled everything and tried to order from, but it won't let me ship to the uk. Does anyone know where I can get it, or another compliant brand that you can buy over here?
  3. Ancestral Foodie

    Coconut milk - compliant brand

    Oh, is Guar Gum okay? I thought it was one of the nasties that we should be avoiding? In the UK you can buy Biona Coconut milk (& Cream) which is only coconut & water. I've still got some brands that have guar gum in, so was going to give them away. Are we defo allowed GG then?
  4. Ancestral Foodie

    Lara bar and their equivalent UK version (Nakd bars)

    Ok, thanks guys. I haven't had any yet, but I was wondering if it would be okay to have say one a week with a nice cup of green tea (& maybe a boiled egg to mediate the blood sugar increase). I have so many stocked up in my cupboards, that I thought I should start eating my way through them before they expire. Plus all of mine are paelo friendly (no peanuts, oats or vege oil)....
  5. Kirsteen, as a fellow Brit, we can get hold of Biona coconut water here, which is simple divine. Waitrose or planet organic stock it. Lovely!!
  6. Are these ok every now and then on the Whole30, or are they completely out? Thanks in advance...
  7. Ancestral Foodie

    Paleo Breakfast

    Thanks Kirsteen; plus I'm so glad to realise you're in the UK too and perhaps we can swap food products, as it appears to be a lot more difficult over here and not as much support! I am going to give the muffins a go - almond meal is ground almonds right? My job for this weekend! I'm going to finish up what I'm doing now (almost the W30) until Easter, then have a relax for 4 days and will embark on my REAL W30 on the 1st April. Good month to do it, as only 30 days, so when I make it to May, I'll be chuffed! Thanks so much.... x
  8. Ancestral Foodie

    Paleo Breakfast

    Ha ha thanks! Another blow this morning, I just read the ingredient "organic dextrose" in the breakfast sausages that I had bought (& was cooking up). The packet says different to what it said online and as I was already cooking them up, I've eaten them. I figured I'm going to have to start this thing again, so I might as well use this time as "learning" and trying new things until I can come up with something that works for me and fits the Whole30 template. Plus I'll certainly know what foods I can have on it. Perhaps the Round 2 attempt of the W30 will be a smoother ride....
  9. Ancestral Foodie

    French's Yellow Mustard

    Ah thank goodness! That is welcome news, it's really nice isn't it?! I thought that because it was so nice, that there must be something bad in it.... ;-)
  10. Ancestral Foodie

    Paleo Breakfast

    Thanks AmyS - lets hope Kirsteen can help here, although she may be a little upset that I've been eating grass-fed butter and making breakfasts with paleo ingredients that are easy to eat & digest, rather than being a main meal eaten first thing in the morning! That's why it's so hard; everyone seems to love the idea of eating left overs or a big dense meal of bacon/sausage/steak/chicken with veggies & a fat, but it is my idea of hell. All my life I've loved breakfast; even when I go to a posh hotel where I've already paid for breakfast, I take my own food - I just like my own breakfast and even top notch restaurants can't provide anything worthy of eating, as I just don't want anything cooked with heavy protein!
  11. Ancestral Foodie

    Paleo Breakfast

    Well I like your idea Swedish Fish, but I don't think it is Whole30 compliant, because the protein element is missing. I guess you could force yourself to eat a boiled egg before it, so that it counts and then enjoy the pumpkin part! Thanks for the tip!
  12. Ancestral Foodie

    Paleo Breakfast

    In response to AmyS - you have to have it for the protein - the choices are only eggs or meat as far as I know - nuts, avo's or coconut don't count as a protein source. The thought of having leftovers, or a lunch/dinner for breakfast really make me feel rather sick. I'm fine with having those things for those meals, just not for my first meal. I like something that is nice, easy to digest and fills me up. Not heavy like meat meals or cooked eggs. The reason they don't appeal is because of the dense protein. Obviously this is great for lunch or dinner, but breakfast I don't want to feel like eating a full-on meal. I just want something in a bowl, preferably with fruit!
  13. Ancestral Foodie

    Paleo Breakfast

    Canned pumpkin? I've never heard of it - are you sure it's healthy? Would that be the same as having mashed, steamed pumpkin? I guess you'd have to whack in some meat or an egg somewhere for the protein (that's always the problem!)....
  14. Ancestral Foodie

    Paleo Breakfast

    Thanks guys. Yes I have read the guidelines, the book, Well Fed, and the blogs. I guess I just read so much, I forgot the basics. Plus I don't like meat & eggs for breakfast (even after 15 days, as I only discovered mixing bananas & eggs on that day), so I have been trying to do everything I can to make something I can enjoy for breakfast. I have tried so much (before I began the Whole30) and still haven't found anything that has meat & eggs in it, that I can eat all the time. I can stomach scrambled eggs & smoked salmon every now and then, or an omelette and parma ham, but not every day - these are the things I can almost enjoy if I am enjoying something I like for breakfast the other days, then it doesn't seem so much of a let down to have to eat them. I have probably tried about 20 different variations of meat & eggs for breakfast and nothing is satisfying. I have to force it down and can't wait for lunch or dinner to enjoy my food. Being a foodie, this is heart breaking....