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  1. Thanks so much for the feedback! I have read this article and know what I need to do (although I’m super bummed over it)! This program has definitely taught me to read labels more closely!
  2. Hey there! I bought this nut mix for a bachelorette last weekend as I was on the go! Of course I refused the wine at the winery, charcuterie board I had made, pizza dip, among lots of other things! I was feeling really good! However, I missed the sugar in parenthesis next to the cranberries/mangos! The sad part is, I don’t even eat dried fruit usually! This does not mean naturally occurring sugars right? I have to restart the program? I am on day 21! I’m so upset! Thank you! Aubrie
  3. Thank you for the reply! I will definitely consider this in the future! I ordered a banana/strawberry cup because I was nervous! I then got two hard boiled eggs to go for a salad on the run!
  4. Hey there! Tomorrow is day 13 for me and we are going to a diner (for breakfast) to celebrate my grandfathers birthday! My question is, are there any “safe” options at the diner or do we think it’s best I don’t eat? I don’t want to throw 13 days away! If you do think it can be done safely, what foods would you recommend? Thank you!