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  1. Hi Emily. Good stuff. When I’m not cooking we’ve been getting salads from Mendocino Farms, a fast-casual place here in southern california. I get roasted beets, chicken, and hard boiled eggs in mine to make it more substantial and satisfying. Also cashews or almonds. Where I used to live there was Chop’t. For a craving on day 1 or 2 I had some banana with almond butter on it. Actually really good! Thanks for the tip on the almond milk. I remember loving these Peruvian dried olives from the whole 30 food sites before. I’ll have to see if I can find some of those. I got some primal kitchen cockt
  2. Good morning on day 2. I also was craving crunchy things and sweet things last night, not to mention a glass of wine before dinner. But I’m proud of myself for sticking it out. I had a few walnuts, one dried fig, and one dried apricot as a dessert. I cut the dried fruit into little pieces so it went further. Good luck today!
  3. Hi all! I started today. I have a sheet pan recipe in the oven right now - sausages, mushrooms, potatoes, red bell pepper, and Serrano thinly sliced. How’s it going?