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  1. Sorry for the delay. I was waiting on a blood test. Thank you for your advice. I’ve since been eating more substantial non-starchy vegetables. Regarding calories, my diet above was approximately 2077 calories (with 1107 calories from extra virgin olive oil). My blood test was all normal (thyroid, electrolytes, etc.), however I have low blood pressure and low blood sugar. So I’m thinking I still need to increase my carbohydrates?
  2. Hi SugarcubeOD, thanks so much for your comment, I really appreciate it. I agree I’m probably not eating enough protein, so I will make that change asap. With that in mind, I increased my protein in my last meal, and also included an extra open handful of strawberries and have since been feeling very heavy (I worry maybe from consuming too many carbs?). Sorry for the confusion, I have been following the Whole30 meal plan and have now converted back my portions below. A note: I include 3 fist size portions of starchy vegetables (including carrots, although I’m not sure if these are a
  3. Hi (help), I’ve been doing the Whole30 since February and have been feeling fatigued and heavy with low mood. I also haven’t started reintroduction yet due to not feeling great, however I do want to start this as soon as possible. My current weight is 45kg and I am underweight in my body mass index. And my main intention for doing the Whole30 was to reduce acne/work out which foods were causing breakouts. Below is my current daily meal plan, which I’ve been eating every day for the last few weeks. My skin generally has improved but I feel fatigued (as described above) and the skin on my forehe
  4. Yeah that makes sense, and the ones in plastic containers without water have a lot of added ingredients. I’m halfway through my first W30 so I think I’ll take your advice and just include it as a specific one for reintroduction later. Thank you :-)
  5. Hey! Ah thanks! I’m writing from the UK. The olives I’m looking at here are in jars and include the ingredients: Water, Black Olives, Salt, Stabiliser: Ferrous Gluconate. There are other jarred kinds that have been preserved in red wine vinegar. I say ‘fresh’ because there are some other types of olives that are sold here in smaller plastic containers without any water holding them, so that’s my guess at why they’re fresh. It seems avocado is also a gray area. But glad to know extra-virgin olive oil is ok. I think I’ll stick to this as my fat source and try out some ol
  6. Hi there, Could somebody please help regarding the low histamine shopping list? Specifically the “avoid:..” paragraph at the bottom. I’m struggling to understand if jarred olives are classified as fermented foods or not. So my questions are can I have jarred olives in brine (ferrous gluconate or citrus acid)? I’m presuming olives preserved in vinegar is out. And by extension is extra-virgin olive oil ok for low histamine? Also I saw on the list where it says olives are ok as eating fat but wasn’t sure if that meant fresh olives or not. Any help would be really app