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  1. Would these ingredients be whole 30 compliant?
  2. This horseradish is not the creamy one so I’m thinking it Whole30 ok, however there are still some ingredients I’m not sure of.
  3. Trying to help my husband who suffers from asthma and we are very hopeful that the Whole30 will help. While sugar free cough drops are not compliant with the hidden sugars, I went into the local vitamin store and they suggested this herbal supplement. While reading the label and don't see any hidden sugars, but that is why I am reaching out to get others opinions. I am not familiar with supplements and understand that you will not need them while on the Whole30. You see, yesterday was our first day on the Whole30 and my hubby had a very hard time with his asthma and coughing so I am trying to
  4. Ok, I know sugar free cough drops are not Whole30 compliant. I need help finding a cough relief for my husband who suffers from asthma and cough drops help sooth his throat after coughing. Many doctors can’t seem to find the fix. We are hoping that the Whole30 program will help. Yesterday being the first day on the Whole30 he had a hard time because he did not want to use the sugar free cough drops because he knows they’re not allowed. Is there something out there that you think would help? Thank you, Otilia
  5. Thank you! I will revisit the page. Yesterday was day 1 of Whole30 … I’m sorry to bother you on this .. Is there a link to access the Forum? I’m having trouble figuring how to get information and I don’t have Facebook. I appreciate all your help! Thank you, Otilia
  6. Today is the first day of the whole 30 for myself and my spouse. Is there an easy way to navigate through the forum? I’m having a hard time and getting frustrated. I have never used forums. If you have any helpful suggestions I’d appreciate them. Hopefully I’ll figure out how to open and read them. Thank you all, Otilia