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    Anberel reacted to ShannonM816 in Some of the recipes on this site don’t make sense   
    The only "pasta" that is allowed on either the original or the plant-based Whole30 would be vegetables cut into pasta-like shapes. So, butternut squash cut into "noodles" using a spiralizer or mandolin. I'm not sure exactly what recipe you're talking about but if it involved pasta made from a mix of vegetables and some type of flour to form noodles, it is not compatible with Whole30. 
    Plant-based Whole30 contains protein sources that are not allowed on the original Whole30, like soy and other legumes, because people who choose not to eat any animal-based items would not have enough protein options without those options. The original Whole30 still exists, and if you eat animal-based protein you can still do the original version. The plant-based Whole30 is a completely different program.
    The Abbot's Butcher products that are allowed on the plant-based Whole30 meet the rules like no carrageenan and no gluten. Many of the meat substitute options available from other brands -- and even one of this brand's products -- do not meet these standards. These products give plant-based Whole30ers another option for a protein source. No one has to use them, even while doing a plant-based Whole30, it is just another option to make meal prep and planning a little easier.