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  1. Whole30 day 20 was a much better ride. I was able to stay with the group for the 60 mile ride. The adjustment I made was adding 1/2 packet LMNT raw electrolytes to each of my lightly juiced water bottles. So between more time for my body adjusting to Whole30 and adding electrolytes to bottles, I hope I'm on track to getting back to high performance on my bike rides.
  2. Whole30 day 18 bike ride no improvement.
  3. I'm an avid cyclist generally ride 3 times a week usually 60 miles. On day 13 of Whole30, I was on a 60 mile ride with my regular group and about 45 miles my legs just ran out of fuel. Today day 16, I was on a 45 mile ride and just barely survived. I was just sitting in on the group ride. I eat carbs the night before and at breakfast. During the ride, I eat 1 RX bar and 1 Lara bar plus I have a small amount of juice in my water bottles. This use to be enough for me on rides but now it isn't cutting it. Please help.