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  1. This happened with me also. I was feeling GREAT until about day 17. I had read others say to expect a slump about 2 weeks in. So...I plowed through the slump by eating volume veggies, fruits, meats and lots of water. Eventually, my body adjusted to the new food and I found I eventually craved the Whole30 food. I do not miss gluten, dairy, beer, peanut butter, salami. Also, I found that if I really plan my shopping and meals it is much easier to stay on track. Finally, I refocused my thoughts by tackling some household projects (cleaning closets, readying for a garage sale, etc) and got some hobbies using eye/hand coordination. Redirecting my thoughts from the food I was addicted to, eating the good Whole30 stuff whenever I want, rewarding myself with adventures (skiing, roller blading, junk TV only if I'm on the elliptical), making a vision board and meeting my mini goals, hanging with like-minded people, listening to music - all of these behaviors have helped me stay on track Being human...I may err along the journey occasionally...but "I'm just a person" . I hope this is helpful. I will certainly be headed to this forum for motivation when I feel like falling off the Whole30 wagon!
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