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  1. Hello! I really related to your posts. Being married for 36 is easy for me to just hang out with the hubby and eat easy foods. For avoiding McDonalds...I have resorted to putting my wallet in the trunk of my car. It makes it a real hassle to stop for the junk now. I am just not willing to pull over, pop the trunk, then head to the drive through. Also, we are grocery shopping more often and panning meals. I am going to buy the cook books because I am getting bored with my creations. Good luck for the rest of this week. You are definitely not alone on this journey
  2. This happened with me also. I was feeling GREAT until about day 17. I had read others say to expect a slump about 2 weeks in. So...I plowed through the slump by eating volume veggies, fruits, meats and lots of water. Eventually, my body adjusted to the new food and I found I eventually craved the Whole30 food. I do not miss gluten, dairy, beer, peanut butter, salami. Also, I found that if I really plan my shopping and meals it is much easier to stay on track. Finally, I refocused my thoughts by tackling some household projects (cleaning closets, readying for a garage sale, etc) and got some ho