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    Hello! I really related to your posts. Being married for 36 is easy for me to just hang out with the hubby and eat easy foods. For avoiding McDonalds...I have resorted to putting my wallet in the trunk of my car. It makes it a real hassle to stop for the junk now. I am just not willing to pull over, pop the trunk, then head to the drive through. Also, we are grocery shopping more often and panning meals. I am going to buy the cook books because I am getting bored with my creations. Good luck for the rest of this week. You are definitely not alone on this journey 
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    Neanerzzz reacted to MadyVanilla in Trying to Make it in the Real World   
    I have been doing a pretty good job of living Food Freedom.  Most of my days are spot on, just where I want to be.  It's helping to keep a food log.  I'm sticking with the exercise and yoga.  I feel really good.   I'm now 15 lbs down since January, though there's been some fluctuation within that number.  One morning, I was 20 lbs down, but since I haven't seen that number again in over a week, I think I may have been standing on the scale wrong.  Otherwise, I'm eating LOTS of vegetables, an occasional taco, a glass of wine here and there.  I have had a few "off the deep end" days, but I've recovered from them, back on track.  
    My great disappointment this week was getting back my cholesterol numbers.  I was down only 4 points in total cholesterol.  My triglycerides and VLDL are good, but my total and VDL are still high.  All I can do is keep doing what I'm doing.