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  1. Hello! There are new FDA Requirments that mandate companies to note "Added sugar" content on their Nutritional labels to include sugar created during a product's production process, EVEN IF, it's a result of the production process. Oatly, maker of oat milk for example, has complied with this FDA change, even though they do NOT have any added sugar in their ingredients. In these cases, if added sugar is not in the ingredients, can we have that food? Thanks ----------------- "Why do your nutrition labels now include added
  2. hello! would y’all consider popsicles ice cream? are they allowed? i think getting used to eating healthier treats may be helpful when going off the diet. ie, i will want a snack after the 30, but may rethink the ice cream if eating a whole 30 compliant popsicle made me feel good and scratched the same itch. what are your thoughts?