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  1. Hi! I'm a 56 YO female, and I've been taking Collagen Peptides for about 18 weeks and the results have been so good, I will definitely continue. After eight weeks, I noticed less hair shedding and more hair coming in. After 16 weeks, I noticed my ponytail was thicker. After 8 weeks, I noticed my nails were starting to grow and were not peeling like they did my whole life. At 16 weeks, they are longer and stronger. I do notice that my facial pores are smaller. I wasn't aware that Collagen would reduce pore size, so not certain if it's due to collagen or just my beauty routine. The jury is sti
  2. Hi! I'm new here. Starting June 27. I realize I'll be behind everyone, but you seem like a fun group. I hope to see some lessons learned. I'm still reading through the book, so still learning about what I can and can't eat. Based on all of my research, I believe I have leaky gut, and I suffer horrible allergies. I'm excited to see if Whole 30 will help. Cheers!