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  1. Thanks Shannon. I’m also wondering if anyone else out there realized they have histamine intolerance from doing whole 30, who knows if I ever would have found out if I hadn’t eaten almost all high histamine foods for two weeks
  2. Felt sniffly, lethargic, heat intolerant, headaches starting day 5, On day 12 went fishing and had a great meal of fresh caught salmon—gorged on it after forgetting to bring my whole30 approved lunch on the river. Day 13, woke up w/full body hives, facial swelling, severe stomach cramping. Called my PCP who said it sounds like a histamine crisis— advised to take 50 MG Benadryl q6hr and omeprazole (Prilosec) 20MG q12h, avoid high histamine foods, go to ER if trouble breathing starts, and they can see me in 2 days. I know fresh caught fish is supposed to be low histamine but my doc says she sees