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  1. Such situations constantly occur, because people want to see on the table the food that they themselves want to eat. I think that this is the wrong approach, because people invite guests who have different life circumstances and characteristics. What is puzzling is that these are your relatives who know about your lifestyle. Just remember that people do not always understand and accept what is important to you, and you should take care of yourself.
  2. Very motivating to read your diary! I would like to ask you about stagnant staying. It turns out that you have changed your lifestyle, acquired the right eating habits, but still you have periods when you stop losing weight, and then it seems to disappear at once? This is actually the first time I've seen this and it looks like I should be having the same thing, only I can't get through a week if I don't see any results at all. I will be more patient!
  3. Allicie

    Good Food

    Somtimes it really makes me tired... but I hope very soon it will be a good nice habit
  4. If I drink espresso, I try to enjoy it without adding anything. It's espresso, it's incomparable!
  5. Hello, hope now you feeling great! Covid is a serious stress for the body, and the most important thing is to give it a rest as much as it needs. If you have any signs that you didn't have before, see your doctor. You asked how to determine that the body has recovered - I just wake up and understand that I feel better and I'm ready to train
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