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  1. A medium-dark roast coffee with a blend of 100% arabica ground brazilain coffee and unsweetned cocoa. Ingredients: ground coffee, unsweetened cocoa, chocolate fudge oil (I'm double checking this ingredient as I haven't found it on any list or in the forum)
  2. Ingredients: Blanced Roasted Almonds, Palm Fruit Oil (I'm double checking this indgredient as I haven't found it on any of the lists or in the forum)
  3. I posted before I read through pages 2&3 of the discussions. My apologies. I'm going to try the picke juice hack. Thanks! And I'm feeling reassured that Tylenol is "OK" due to fitting the "don't suffer" rule/guideline. I do remember that from reading the "Can I Have?" about cold medicine. Would Zyrtec fail into this category too. I'm in upstate SC and allergies are hitting me harder than ususal and could also be contributing to headaches and achiness and fogginess. I"m still intersted in feedbak about my FODMAP question. I can provide a summary of my last few days of meals (or basic
  4. R1 D18 (two non-completed rounds before this ended around day 20) Is there a compliant replacement to Tylenol? I know some of hollistic remedies like peperment oil, ice on my neck, pressure on my occipital bones or eyebrows and drinking more water. I also don't reach for a "sweet" snack such as RX bar or fruit with nutbutter. I do eat fruit with nuts/nutbutter as an occasional snack to hold me between meals when I'm busy at work. I usually eat a full meal if it's time or mini meal if it's not. I will start to incease my meals and add more salt. I'm having one black coffee a few times a w