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  1. I know this message most likely won't get through to the forum because I'm going to be critical of the Moderator. However, I hope they will at least see it and take it to heart. I know this is 5 months old. But it needs to be said and seen. You (the moderator) have overstepped your boundaries. The rule has always been "doctor's orders > Whole30 rules". You are not qualified, nor legally allowed to give medical advice. If the OP had asked "Is Nicorette gum allowed on Whole30?" You might have answered "No..." and then went on to explain how quitting smoking is far more important than getting an unbelievably small amount of sugar alcohol in their diet. I have seen it before where the Moderators here get out of hand, thinking they trump even Melissa's say (and she's had to come in and lay down the law), but those are nothing compared to telling someone they are not allowed to take their medication. Just to note, another moderator has answered this same type of question, at least twice that I know of, with much more nuance and care: both times explaining that their overall health was more important than being strict to the diet. And if, by some miracle of modern decency, this does get through... To the OP, I hope you continued taking your nicorette and had success quitting smoking as well as success with Whole30.
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