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  1. I believe split peas would be considered a veggie rather than a protein (at least for the original Whole30; I can't speak to the plant-based version). This post has more info: https://whole30.com/whole30-rules-peas/
  2. The general stance is that medications/doctor's orders take precedence, so I think a few Tylenol as needed would be fine. In another post, one of the mods confirmed that it was OK for someone to continue to take her birth control pills even though they tasted slightly sweet and may have had a very small amount of sugar in the coating. I also know that the general recommendation is to complete one full round of regular Whole30 before switching to a FODMAP/AIP/etc. protocol. At Day 18, you are pretty close! One more thought on the headaches--are you getting enough water? I have not bee
  3. I am a newbie, but my understanding is that only the legumes specifically set out as exceptions are permitted--I have not seen this one mentioned anywhere as being compliant.
  4. I am sleeping much more soundly at night and am not craving all of the junk I used to eat. My (supportive but decidedly non-Whole30) husband is loving the dinners I'm cooking, and my kids are liking the compliant snack foods I have started keeping around--still working on finding Whole30 dinners they enjoy, but that will be an ongoing process. My husband is even on board with the idea of unwinding with compliant kombucha--instead of our usual occasional bottle of wine--during the week; we both tried it for the first time recently and liked it a lot. Best of all, my wheezing/asthma is
  5. I am not affiliated with this author/book in any way, but the recipes on the Whole Food for 7 blog are great and she has a new cookbook out, specifically designed to be family-friendly: https://wholefoodfor7.com/whole-food-for-your-family/ I am picking it up at the bookstore this weekend and will let you know how it is! In the meantime, she has tons of great recipes (many Whole30-compliant) on her site.
  6. For a salty kick you can always add a few compliant capers or chopped dill pickles, depending on the recipe. (These would not work as a fat source, only for seasoning.)