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  1. Having breastfed two kids, my experience was that it was important to keep calories up as well as good fats (avocado, coconut milk, nuts, etc.). You may be hungrier than normal and needing to eat more--definitely honor that!

    There is also a section in the Whole30 book specifically on breastfeeding--it's not specifically tailored to vegetarians, but a lot of it is generally applicable regardless of your specific dietary context.

  2. I have an Oxo spiralizer (manual) that I like very much. It can definitely handle sweet potatoes, though it takes more effort to spiralize those than, say, zucchini. 

    In terms of a knife, I would find a good chef's knife and make sure you sharpen it regularly--if you cook regularly, once every week or two. Having a good sharp knife makes all the difference when you're chopping a lot of veggies!

  3. Hi Peggy--I'm a newbie, too, but I have not seen mung beans mentioned anywhere as an exception to the general "no legumes" rule. I do see, however, that a recipe in the Whole30 book (cold Thai salad) calls for mung bean sprouts as an optional ingredient, so those must be OK.

  4. The general stance is that medications/doctor's orders take precedence, so I think a few Tylenol as needed would be fine. In another post, one of the mods confirmed that it was OK for someone to continue to take her birth control pills even though they tasted slightly sweet and may have had a very small amount of sugar in the coating.

    I also know that the general recommendation is to complete one full round of regular Whole30 before switching to a FODMAP/AIP/etc. protocol. At Day 18, you are pretty close!

    One more thought on the headaches--are you getting enough water? I have not been trying to do a low-carb Whole30 but I know my carb consumption is lower than before, and for me that means I need to drink more water throughout the day. Unless I am very tired or caffeine-deprived, most of my headaches stem from mild dehydration.

  5. I am sleeping much more soundly at night and am not craving all of the junk I used to eat. My (supportive but decidedly non-Whole30) husband is loving the dinners I'm cooking, and my kids are liking the compliant snack foods I have started keeping around--still working on finding Whole30 dinners they enjoy, but that will be an ongoing process.

    My husband is even on board with the idea of unwinding with compliant kombucha--instead of our usual occasional bottle of wine--during the week; we both tried it for the first time recently and liked it a lot.

    Best of all, my wheezing/asthma is almost nonexistent. I had suspected something in my diet was making it worse, so it will be interesting to learn the culprit at reintroduction. I suspect it's gluten and/or dairy, but we'll find out.

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