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    Hi barbara. 
    day 30 sort of came and went without any fanfare really. I didn’t feel well still. Thursday (day 31) I ate nothing all day, it was my sons birthday and I ate a piece of his cake (that’s all I ate all day - which I know is terrible and NOT how to reintroduce!) yesterday was my husbands birthday, and I drank 2 glasses of wine, and ate an Indian meal and rice. So again, not exactly how to reintroduce. I had a headache this morning and still feel this cold on my chest, like I could cough and cough all day. 
    I’m definitely doing another 2 weeks back on it.. I don’t think I’ll manage a full 30 days as we have a night out planned for mid October that I will probably drink at, but I hope another 2 weeks will see this cold shifted and me feeling better (finally) 
    I did lose 10lbs though- going from 160 to 150- which considering I did very little exercise and felt I had eaten a lot, is great. I imagine I regained a few of those last night though! So for the next two weeks I will continue with my food choices, I haven’t found the food a struggle at all this time. I do need to plan for this week better though as the week just gone I have had really odd meals and hardly any veg. 
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    BarbaraV7 reacted to Rebecca001 in Back again for September whole 30   
    Day 27. I’m still not well, in fact today k have taken the day off work and stayed in bed all morning. Then got up and have had a very slow afternoon. I have not felt well now for weeks. I am feeling quite down about it as I have had a really successful w30, no alcohol for nearly 8 weeks and yet I don’t feel any better. No tiger blood at all (yet) and I feel exhausted and wiped out. I know it’s not really related to my w30 but I had hoped I would feel better and I feel the same if not worse. 
    i intend to just carry on with the plan but as it is my husbands birthday we are going out for a meal on Saturday night and I may have a glass of wine if I feel like one, then back on it for another few weeks. Once I have kicked this virus I hope I will then feel the benefits of the last month! 
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    Some people do cut out potatoes and other nightshades (eg tomato, pepper, aubergine) but that feels too restrictive for me, and i love tomatoes 
    breakfasts- I like a chia pots too. I make kind with chia, coconut canned milk, frozen fruit, raisins. I make 2 or 3 days worth in advance in boxes in the fridge. I also make ratatouille, portion into boxes, then in the morning make a little dip in the mixture and crack an egg in, then microwave the whole thing until the sauce is hot and the egg is cooked. 
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    That’s annoying that there was sugar in your meal! It is so hard to eat food out when on this plan! 
    we have talked before about the mystery virus- I still have times where I am feeling really wrung out and exhausted, even after 3.5 weeks! And I have not drunk alcohol since 13th august. I don’t feel ready to stop yet so I think I will carry on after the 30 days are done. I had hoped to feel really healthy and energetic but this round I just haven’t. 
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    That recipe sounds delicious! Thank you. 
    I am not what I will reintroduce first. Normally it’s wine, but I am really enjoying being alcohol free. It’s my husbands birthday next Friday so I feel there is pressure on me to drink, but I don’t really want to.
    it sounds weird but I miss my scales and I am finding it hard not tracking my food, so actually that might be what I reintroduce. I’m not missing any actual foods so I will probably keep going a bit, but I am worried I may have actually gained weight as I have eaten so well! So maybe I will continue this, but track my calories and see what happens 
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    Hi Barbara, yes I’m in the Uk. Whole 30 isn’t really known here. I stumbled upon it during lockdown 2020, did around 60 days then and I just felt amazing. I ended up doing over 100 days sugar free, no dairy for 18 months, very rarely ate bread etc. In among that time I would do 30 days stints of proper w30, sometimes 15 days etc just for a boost and lived a sort of ‘drunken caveman’ existence; paleo food but wine at the weekends haha
    then I suppose I grew tired of it. Covid really affected us in the Uk, we all had it in our family and I’m sure I had long covid symptoms too. But more it was the impact on our lives and because I work in a school office, the impact on everything we do at work. After doing lots of reintroductions over time, I know exactly what I shouldn’t have, but the last six months I have just had it anyway. I find myself now, tired, gained weight, and a bit ‘meh’ generally with life. This round feels like my first round in a way. I had worse detox this round than any other. 
    this cold/virus I have had, I just feel like I can’t shift it. I feel exhausted as well. We don’t technically do covid testing now here but I wonder if it is that, a new wave of it. There are still covid cases everywhere, we just don’t treat it any different to a bad cold. 
    I love cooking, I find when I’m struggling it’s usually because my meals haven’t been exciting so I would love to share recipes if you have any favourites. This week I’m going to do some crispy Caribbean pork belly with mashed sweet potato, I am really enjoying tray bake (the Americans call them ‘sheet pan’ ) recipes so chicken thighs, mini potatoes, winter veg all oven roasted in one tray; I bought some cod loin which I will wrap in bacon and oven bake; and I do just love a simple roast dinner as well. I have been saving chicken bones in my freezer so I have enough to make a good stock for a soup as well this week. 
    I love yoga, I envy you as a yoga instructor. I know that for me yoga means self care and I really do try to do it but life sometimes gets in the way. We are having some work done in our house and I am having a huge skylight put in so I can practice underneath it, I can’t wait! I love to run but as I am getting older I am finding it harder and I don’t know if it is benefitting me as much as eg. Strength training would, but I’m addicted to it so I can’t stop (yet!) 
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    Day 24. 
    I have had a horrible horrible week. My son has been very ill with a vomiting bug and ended up in hospital being rehydrated. Plus alongside that, my husband learned his company is making redundancies and we’ve had 2 stressful days waiting for more info. I have had a tough time at work and I am really close to leaving my job as it is so stressful. 
    however: my food while it has not been perfect (not anywhere near enough veg, and today I didn’t eat at all til 6pm) and generally badly planned, badly executed… I remained 100% compliant. No turning to food to make me feel better. I am so proud of myself. 
    we have been invited to a meal on Saturday night which will be nice but also difficult to stay on track. I am happy not to drink but it’s hard when food is being cooked for you. 
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    Day 20- and I still feel exhausted and viral! Thought I was over the worst of it yesterday however I have been worse today, really tired and fuzzy head and really really grouchy and irritable. I know it’s not w30 related but it’s really sapping my motivation as the whole point of doing this is to feel better not worse! So I have had firm words with myself today because if I break my w30 I’ll feel even more crappy tomorrow. 
    I made comfort food- baked ham, roast sweet potato in the fat saved from my pork belly yesterday, lots of veg, and I stewed some apple which I ate after my dinner. I feel really bloated now but at least my urge to completely self sabotage has gone. 
    I wanted to run tomorrow but the way I feel now, I don’t think I will be well enough. I don’t actually have much actual cold symptoms, just exhaustion and sneezing. 
    Hopefully I will feel better tomorrow. I’m already thinking that I’m going to continue after the 30 days as I haven’t actually had much improvement. I do feel like once I shift this I will find that the tiger blood is there though. I am sure i have lost a few pounds as my clothes are fitting better and my waist is definitely more trim. It’s my sons and husband’s birthday (s) on 29th and 30th sept so my plan was always to finish them which is why I started a few days early, but I actually am thinking I might not want to. 
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    Day 21. Woke up feeling a bit better today. Went for a run, and made good time, there were some points where I was flying along (and others where I was huffing and puffing!) I think my tigerblood is fighting against my virus. Now though this afternoon I feel quite tired and not well again, and am sneezing again. 
    we have spent the extra bank holiday doing jobs Around the house, watching the queen’s funeral, and prepping for the week ahead. I’m going to have a hot bath now and warm myself up a bit. I’ve cooked a chicken for the week for lunches and convenient protein, made mayo, and made a lamb stew for tonight which I will have with leftover veg from yesterdays roast. 
    I’m determined to get to the gym this week so I’ve booked 6am classes for Tuesday and Thursday. 

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    BarbaraV7 reacted to Rebecca001 in Back again for September whole 30   
    Day 17. I won’t lie- I feel exhausted today. Still unwell, work was ridiculously busy, and I have felt like I’m chasing my tail all week. I haven’t planned my meals well (or rather, I did, but then I didn’t stick to my plans very well) and I bought things which I have then ended up snacking on such as nuts and dried fruit. We run out of fresh fruit by Wednesday because the children just eat so much of it which I know is good, but it means I run out! 
    I have had the results back from my bloods and ECG and have to make an appointment so I think that means there is potentially something identified in the results that means something? My appointment is 26th September though so a while to wait unless I can get an earlier one by phoning in. In a way it is a relief to know that I may be able to treat the way I feel as I’ve been exhausted for 6 months and have other symptoms which I put down to just being busy and tired. 
    we have a long weekend here due to the death of the queen, so I fully intend to use my extra day wisely and get myself organised for next week. I’m out tomorrow night but I’m completely happy not to drink and will eat before I go. Saturday I will go food shopping for the week, and on Sunday I will prepare my lunches and breakfasts, and maybe even batch cook a few evening meals as well. On Monday we will have a family day, getting the house ready for some building work we are starting soon. I would like to do a gym class and a long run if I am feeling better. 
    All this being said, I actually think if it wasn’t for this cold I’d be feeling great. My head feels clear and I am sleeping well. Bring on the tiger blood! 
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    BarbaraV7 reacted to Rebecca001 in Back again for September whole 30   
    Day 16 today, halfway there! I think I would be feeling good today except for that I have a horrible sore throat and headache. Hopefully that will shift soon and the tiger blood will emerge! Had some blood tests and an ECG yesterday morning as over the summer I’ve developed quite a few symptoms of hypothyroidism. Hopefully this month will help me to feel a bit more energetic. 
    today my food was good (made breakfast boxes and lunch boxes in advance) and dinner is a chilli and baked potato with enough left for leftovers. 
    I won’t lie, tigerblood seems a fair way off. My throat feels rough and I have headaches and body aches and I feel really tired. 
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    BarbaraV7 reacted to Brenda BK12 in It's Happening!!! My husband and I are doing the Whole 30 and started yesterday.Let's Go!!!!!   
    Good afternoon everyone,
    Just wanted to say Hi and to say how excited I am to be here.I am new at this forum stuff but I will get through it by learning as I go.Wishing everyone success on the Whole 30.This is Day 2 and I did a lot of food prepping and food chopping on Sunday in order to be successful and stick to the program.I am a certified nutrition and health coach but I am not perfect and I let my emotions control my eating.It's called stress eating.I am here to gain control over my mindless eating and to nourish my body with foods that help me feel good and energized.I am a pretty good planner and eat whole foods but the snacking on the sweets at night have to stop.I know it's out of habit,stress or boredom.Here we go to a successful month of learning how to control my emotions and stress, not with food but with dealing with my emotions and asking myself what is really bothering  me and learn to make better decisions and commit to starting healthier habits around food.Food is medicine to nourish us.Good Luck to all
    Brenda BK12
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    Day 14. Weekend was good although I’d say some of my food choices were less so, although all within my whole30. A few more snacks than I’d been having and I didn’t always follow the template so strictly. my kids are unwell with coughs and colds and I have a sore throat this morning as well. 
    still, that’s my 5th weekend in a row with no alcohol,  and it’s day 14, nearly halfway there! 
    I prepped my breakfast boxes and lunches for 3 days. Roasted a chicken. It definitely helped me last week to have breakfast and lunch all sorted and not have to think about them. 
    I’m excited for this week as the tiger blood is near! I have been feeling little flickers o it brewing away, but nothing beats that brilliant clear, energetic feeling. 
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    BarbaraV7 reacted to Rebecca001 in Back again for September whole 30   
    Hi all. I’m returning again, I think for my …. 6th? Whole30. It’s been a long summer. I’ve flirted between calorie counting, attempting rounds of keto and fast800 and other diets just to keep my head above water so to speak, weight wise. 
    However, you cannot beat that buoyant, energetic, zesty feeling of a good round of whole30. I work in school so September is as good as January really for a new year/new start mentality! 
    I cut out alcohol on 14th august after we returned from holiday so I am already 2+ weeks in with that, and started my September w30 yesterday, as my sons birthday is 29th sept, and husbands is 30th. 
    Yesterday went brilliantly, amazing how easy it is to slip back into w30 ways. I Also batch cooked some meals, roasted a chicken, prepped a loadof sweet potato chunks and made them into little breakfast boxes to grab and go. I have eaten so much fruit and veg as well. And slept well. 
    today, another good day so far. I already feel so much more energetic. I have cleaned my oven and put loads of summer clothes into the loft/attic. 
    I did weigh myself, now I have hidden them as I have spent the summer a slave to those scales and not really feeling good about it. I do want to lose a few pounds if I’m honest, but more than that I want to feel ‘lighter’ and healthier.