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  1. Thank you Sugarcube! I will be trying this for sure!!
  2. It is really hard to be motivated to post as it is soooo inactive in here. So I skipped a few days but totally on track. I was already mostly eating gluten and dairy free so I think I may skip the "flu", or at least I am hoping. Anyhow, Day 4 I feel great but cravings! Had to go to Walmart yesterday and the smells of the foods, SNOWBALLS omg I love snowballs. But at the same time, I went without them for many years. Why did I want one SOOOO bad yesterday? Now here I am thinking about that pack of snowballs a day later. UGH Another thing, I have been on and
  3. Day one and here I am. Made some egg bites this morning and grilling some chicken tonight. I am kind of hungry I must admit. Guess I better get cooking.
  4. Hi Liz! Boy when I read your post I thought it was one of my posts as I too did Whole30 about 5 years ago. I am starting on Thursday so I hope I feel as good as you do on Saturday. Looking so forward to doing this again.
  5. Hi Yaya, I understand being private. The book says to post on social media but I don't want those people up in my business. Many years ago I was very involved in the Atkins forum and even became an administrator, so I am most comfortable with a forum and hope to be the support to others that I was back then but on Whole30. I will need the help and encouragement as well. It seems to be dead for the month of October. I hope we can bring it back up. Good luck to you!
  6. This is my third bout on Whole30 in 5 years. My brain just does not want to focus on eating properly. I seem to get in my head that I want something and that I will want it until I fulfil the desire. I know this is all in my head and perhaps an excuse to just eat that item that is no good for me and it needs to stop. I truly want to be that person that looks at such food and thinks, "Ew, I do not want that in my body." I know I can do it because I did it with soda and then diet soda and I swore no one would ever stop me from having my (only) ONE diet soda a day and here I am 5 year
  7. Shadow thank you! It was annoying me that no one was responding when I thought I was supposed to come here for support. You made my day! I will head over to the community and move on from here. Thanks!
  8. This is my third try on Whole30 and my first round was at least 5 years ago and things have gotten way out of control. I am at my heaviest that I have been my whole life. I do not know that I have any ailments aside from pre diabetes and want to live a paleo lifestyle. For 2 years I was Gluten free and one year Dairy free but as soon as I realized those foods did not effect me (other than a little bloating from dairy) I went right back to eating it again and have not been able to stay off of them since though I continually try. It is time again for something drastic. I need strict and I n