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  1. Most likely its just climate change or jetlag. Other options are 1) red meat was heavily salted, much more than you do at home - don't know specifics of your order, but maybe. Or 2) it's just unrelated headaches that just randomly happened after eating out like this.
  2. If you REALLY need protein powder for recovery and nutrition purposes - you can either use plant based one like Shadow recommended, or try to find egg-based powder. Other option is just consuming a high amoung of egg whites I'd say(As far as I know eggs are allowed on Whole 30).
  3. Mostly using blender for sauces. Food processor is okay for stuff like crushing almonds or peanuts - you don't want it to liquify like in blender, but need a fairly small chop. It's honestly not that bad for harder stuff that would take a while to chop or crush by hand.(but usually you might as well chop it by hand)