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  1. I am on day 13 (first W30). Have had almost no issues since starting (yay!). The last few days I was traveling and had to eat out for dinner two nights in a row. Two nights ago I ordered a beef burger from Applebees. Extra patty. Only ate 2 patties, pickles, and a side salad with very little of their balsamic vinaigrette. Woke up yesterday with a splitting headache. It took several hours to go away. Last night at airport, I went to a mexican restaurant, ordered a side of their fajita steak (verified no butter), and a small side of guacamole. Woke up again this morning with a splitting he
  2. I am doing W30 for 6 weeks on the advise of my integrative medicine practitioner as a way to address several issues including stalled weight loss, tinnitus, peri-menopause and mood/motivation issues. It's been a super interesting process so far - especially realizing how many things have added sugar! I started on 11/1 - so I am on Day 8 and I have been fortunate to not have any major side effects. Overall, I am feeling good and cravings have not been bad overall. The real challenge is headed my way over the next two weekends. I am traveling to south Louisiana (where I am from) for a 4-day wee
  3. Oh dang! I completely missed that super small print! Labels are TRICKY! Thank you for the second look!
  4. I am starting tomorrow - Nov 1st. I am also doing it for 6 weeks per my doc's recommendation. This is my first time doing it so I am going to be spending a lot of time on this website and forum looking for tips, success stories, etc. Happy to be a buddy with you :). Oh, I am 44 (45 in January) and I live in the Denver, CO area. I am doing this to help a few things including mood, motivation, and weight loss/hormonal issues. Hoping I can figure out what in my diet is affecting me!
  5. Hi, I am starting whole thirty this week and will be doing it for 6 weeks per my doctor's recommendation. I have been reading a ton since visiting my doctor last week, but this morning I though about this mix I drink daily right now. I think everything in this is compliant - I just mix a scoop with water in the morning, but I thought I would ask for a few more pairs of eyes to look and see if anything jumps out as non-compliant. I searched the forums for a few words that jumped out at me but didn't have any luck finding them mentioned. Thanks in advance for helping a first timer!