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  1. Hey! Good luck on your journey! how are you finding it so far? How are your family responding to it?
  2. Hey! Congrats on starting your whole 30 journey! How’s it going for you so far? How was the travel?
  3. Well done you! So good to hear that you trust the process enough to do it again. How’s it going for you?
  4. Keep going!! The reason you’re back is because you know it works so this is great for someone like me to read!! It is definitely hard with kids, too many easy foods for them but I’m trying to incorporate more of the whole 30 foods into their diets too. Grilled fish, try meaty fish like cod or tuna steaks. I feel they fill me up more. how’s your bloating and BM going? Any improvement since your post? also I’m curious, what are your other pros that you mentioned? don’t forget the timeline of what to expect! I keep revisiting that to make sure I’m not going
  5. Hello dear Whole 30 family, before I launch into my questions, I wanted to give a little background of myself. Mum of 3, 39yr, light workout daily, day 1 of whole 30 I weighed 58.6kg (a yearly high for me) my average was about 56/57kg but I gained after summer which never happens but I put it down to age & metabolism. I ate ‘healthy’ most of the time: no fried foods but I would have some rice in the evening with steamed fish and veg. Lots of salads for lunch, grains etc. My caveat was not the main foods I’d eat… it was the evening chocolates, and I drank a lot. Perhaps a glass of win