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  1. Why is it that NOT DRINKING is such a huge deal... and by NOT DRINKING.. i mean not drinking an alcoholic beverage... who gives a @#!*** what is in my glass... (what are you drinking?... oh seltzer water... WHAT?... WHY???... oh i am just going a month without alcohol... a program i am doing... WHY?? that is CRAZY... just don't eat junk food... just exercise more... just do this just do that... blah blah blah...) i walked around last night at a charity event wine tasting with a small amount of wine in my glass just to avoid the judgment and the questions... and i am not 17... i am over 50... after the event everyone was going out for pizza... i just went home to avoid a disaster..... (come on... just one won't hurt... seriously one piece of pizza isn't going to kill you... don't be so strict... you're not chubby... you look great why on this crazy diet... ITS NOT A DIET!!!!!)... so i am pledging to myself to never ask someone again... what are you drinking?... and possibly it is easier to just be a recluse. ... thank you for letting me vent... have a good day. PS.. in my friends' defense.. they just want me to be happy and i think they feel like if i am not enjoying all life has to offer or i am restricting what i can and can't do/eat/drink that i must be unhappy and thinking i need improvement and they want to assure me that i am fine and should just relax and enjoy good food, good wine, good friends.. good weekends!... but it's day 12 for me and i am just now starting to feel really good... rested.. didn't realize how bloated i was... my head feels clear on a saturday morning! yeah!!.... now THAT's the way to enjoy a weekend
  2. day 7 here... feeling tired.. foggy... hungry... made it through the weekend without any wine... yeah! i was feeling a bit discouraged and tired so i decided to weigh myself this morning SURE that the scale would give me the motivation to continue my journey ... i haven't lost a SINGLE POUND!... a whole week and not an ounce... maybe this is why they suggest you don't weigh... because now i feel more discouraged than ever... i know in my head that it isn't about the scale... and i need to trust the process... but really NOTHING??... moral of story... put the scale away!
  3. February Whole60

    well yesterday and today i am back on track and am currently in the process of making a big cooler of food to take along on the road trip we are going on tomorrow.. my sister's family is out on spring break so we are loading them up... and driving 8 hours to rent a house on the oregon coast... yeah!!... my dad already told my sister that he is bringing me all my favorite car treats... M&Ms... twizzlers.... SO i am making a preemptive strike and packing chicken salad... blueberries... and loads of cut veggies... i am learning that preparation is the number one thing i can do to stay on track! My sis and i have planned our meals for while we are there.. eat out once and then cook in the house we are renting... so i should be able to find it fairly easy to keep myself compliant! thanks for all your support and encouragement... you all stay strong.. and have a great weekend and week ahead! Jojo
  4. February Whole60

    well i had a melt down tonight... what the hell... i am so disappointed in myself... husband was working late so i made myself this lovely meal of lemon chicken with broccoli and wilted spinach... topped it with an avocado.. so yummy... no harm there... THEN.. i decided to have a little glass of wine with it... and then after i still had some wine left and decided that i "deserved" a tiny piece of chocolate to finish up my wine with... well i am not sure what took over my brain... i have been so diligent and compliant... and i broke.. i ate two more pieces of chocolate... (pouring a little bit... (ok.. another glass) more wine to accompany the additional chocolate... then while i was getting out the dark squares i noticed a bag of m&ms leftover from valentines day and had THREE HANDFULS of those... i was so disgusted with myself that i went out and walked for an hour... trying to get some fresh air and clear my sugar loaded brain... all my hard work feels like i flushed it down the drain... and i am back to square one... (no pun intended to the chocolate square)... so i guess tomorrow i start again... and try not to feel like a failure.
  5. February Whole60

    well made it through St. Patty's day weekend pretty much unscathed... i did have a bottle of hard cider.. and it was DELICIOUS... made great choices at the dinner we went to... i think i was the only one who didn't feel bloated and stuffed... (my husband said i had a smug look on my face when they were all bitching about their bellies being full... maybe i did have just a little grin cuz i felt great) After dinner while the boys went to smoke cigars we sat in and i had a glass of wine.. which after the cider and no alcohol for 30 days i was feeling a bit tipsy and managed to eat 3 squares of chocolate which pretty much wiped the smuggness off my face... i didn't beat myself up too badly for it... thought of it as a little break before starting my second whole 30 today.... and now i am back on track and excited for the challenges to come.. i too want to get rid of all the clutter.. physical, financial, emotional... i just want peace, tranquility and zen! OH.. i weighed myself and had lost NINE POUNDS.. was pretty stoked about that! 8 was my goal so the extra pound was BONUS!! have a good night all!
  6. February Whole60

    HI there... i am jumping over here too if that is OK... Today is day 30... can't believe that i made it... i really am proud of myself! I am going to continue this journey... i still have a ways to go... i thought i had tamed the sugar dragon... i was feeling amazing and sleeping well and so much energy days 11-25 then all of a sudden it poked it's head up ... i have been hungrier and craving unnecessarily... SO during this next phase i am going to really focus on portion control... and snacking... (i think that is why my sugar dragon lays in wait.. it knows that sooner or later i will give in to it's evil ways)... and also I LOVED suzy1's idea of no shopping... so i am adding that in to my whole30... i have been off work recovering from a rotator cuff surgery and i am spending way too much time and money online shopping.... SO i am committing to only buying necessities... and that new sweater from Loft isn't necessary... (but it's 40% off today only... i HATE when they do that!!) Excited to weigh myself tomorrow and find out how i did (weight wise... i am already successful no matter what the scale says).. and then i am putting that scale back in the closet for another 30! hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!
  7. February 2013 Starters

    day 26... husband is bugging me... wants to know when this is going to be over.,... haven't had the guts to tell him NEVER... i love how i feel and will keep eating mostly this way for as long as i want.... today he worked late so i was on my own for dinner and i made me a chicken breast and big salad... super good.. super easy!
  8. February 2013 Starters

    tonight my husband made popcorn... seriously??? we are watching the biggest loser and just had a wonderful dinner of salmon and stir fried broccoli, carrots and cauliflower ... at NINE PM he makes a big pot of popcorn.... on the stove... it smells heavenly... do you think this would pass as justifiable homicide?? i will never get this smell out of my house!!!
  9. February 2013 Starters

    day 25 is wrapping up.. i am sitting here reading JackieKs post about eating after dinner and as i post this i am munching on a handful of raisins... i am NOT HUNGRY... i just had dinner.. the dessert dragon is huge inside me.. i may have to stay on this train another lap if i am going to slay it!... (but i like dessert, it makes me happy... really does it make you happy?? or are you just sabotaging?? hmmm... how about those pants that are getting looser... do they make you happy.. huh? huh??? OK.. the pants make me happier than dessert!!.. you win... again) friends coming for dinner on wednesday and i plan on making a wonderful whole30 meal without them even being aware of it!
  10. February 2013 Starters

    day 21.... somehow i ended up having to "lunch"... which i don't do ... it cuts into the i am at PF Changs on a whim with ten women i don't really know.. (a volunteer group we were setting up a for a fundraiser and they all wanted to stop for lunch)... i scanned the menu and could find nothing that i could eat... everything had soy or sugar or who knows what...?? so i ended up just ordering a side salad with just oil and vinegar on the side... when questioned i just said i was allergic to soy and not really that hungry... (thank goodness i had eaten my nice big breakfast of scrambled eggs and fresh side... so i really wasn't hungry) well i was pretty proud that i made it without scene and just matter of factly... i am a bit in awe of how natural this is starting to feel... i like it, i like the way i feel!
  11. February 2013 Starters

    very fitting for me that today's email was about body image... and that the number on the scale shouldn't define me... it's given me a different perspective to think about and marinate in my pea brain... i feel good with the food i am putting in my body.. i feel good getting enough sleep... i feel good exercising without OVER exercising... just finished up day 20... can't believe i hit the 2/3's mark! i thought this journey was going to be all about food and restriction and eating clean... and it has gone way beyond that.. i am learning and growing in ways i never imagined and it is amazing that all this started with food.. (hey that would be a good book.. it starts with food... someone should write one like that)
  12. February 2013 Starters

    you have inspired me.. following behind a week and a half i have been reading your progress everyday and it has kept me going.. thank you! good luck and i look forward to following in your footsteps adding in a few special items... (wine, chocolate, crusty bread, cheese) in a very very minimal amount.. they will be treats and never again be part of my Recommended Daily Allowance
  13. February 2013 Starters

    i'm still here.. day 19 just finished up... some days i think i have lost some weight... but today is a fat day.. i just feel chubby... i made it through girls club (sort of like a book club but we don't read books.. just chat and drink wine).. didn't partake of any wine, or cake... i love the way my body is feeling healthy and clean... i am trying not to equate success with loss of weight, but i know i will be disappointed if i haven't lost at least 8 pounds.. 10 days to go... and i plan to continue eating this clean for life... (i will reintroduce wine.. .but it will be a treat, not a daily requirement)
  14. February 2013 Starters

    another weekend in the bag... less than two weeks left.. my energy is up.. i feel more focussed and it seems like i just more motivation.. not sooo tired every afternoon. after a set back in my exercise routine due to a strained IT band i am ready to hit the gym again in the morning!
  15. February 2013 Starters

    OK... i put this off for over a year now and finally made the appt for my colonoscopy.. it was my new year's resolution... well it's thursday... right in the middle of my W30... so today i start with the clear liquids and then all day tomorrow ... i have to drink that GINORMOUS jug of "golytely"... ironic name isn't it... i'm sure it won't be LIGHTLY... there is a packet of "flavoring" to mix with it to make it more palatable to choke down.. however it has sweetener in it... have any of you ever done this procedure during your W30? or have any recommendations for me?? i was thinking of making a big pitcher of water and adding orange slices... lime.. cucumber and maybe mint and letting it sit all night till tomorrow afternoon when i have to start chugging... that should work shouldn't it? and still be compliant... i put a roast in the crock pot for hubby to eat tonight and i will make some broth for me to have today and tomorrow.. going to research a bit on that bone broth and how to make it... OK... of to the store to buy my milk of magnesia...