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I am your average Jo... not tall not short... not fat not thin.... not young not old... brown hair brown eyes... (ok they are a bit amber)... I do a lot of activities... golf, run, ski, snow shoe, hike, bike... i don't stand out for excellence or mediocrity... just cruising below the radar and enjoying my amazing life!

I have been on a diet since 6th grade.. i am in my 50s now...  I lost 75 pounds in my early 30s and have kept most of it off through sheer will and diligence and constant exercise... the most amazing thing i have done for my body is to adopt a paleo eating lifestyle...  i have been eating this way for about the last 18 months.... i have cut back on over exercising and started enjoying my workouts and making them fun and not full of  intensity every time....   however... over the past 6 months i have added in WAAAAY too much sugar... and focussing on gluten free and paleoizing junk food... rather than eating clean real food... so i am ready to reset and make some new choices and new challenges.