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  1. Lynnefair

    Who's starting 1/1?

    @ssparker I purchased the Day by Day book. I find it useful as it seems to hit the nail on the head most days in its description of how my day went and how I was feeling each day. It kind of forces me to document my NSVs, Energy level, sleep etc. I'd prefer an app but the book is ok.
  2. Lynnefair

    Who's starting 1/1?

    Hi! I'm Lynne, 52, pediatric oncology nurse, 3 kids 16,18, 20. This is my 2nd whole30 (I did 45 days), last one was in 2013 and I don't think I ever felt better in my life - really. Unfortunately, I went on vacation immediately after and never reaped the benefit of understanding how reintroducing the various foods back into my diet affects me. I jumped all in with travel fast food, vacation wine, little sleep etc... My hands and feet were so swollen after the first day and no, we didn't fly! Anyway, 5 days done now and my headache is gone - woohoo! Looking forward to the amazing sleep and energy I had last time. I have to say I was TRULY craving a glass of wine tonight, but instead I planned my meals for next week to pull my focus back to what is important to ME! This week - Almond Butter Sesame Zucchini Noodles; Buffalo Chicken Egg Muffins; Simple Salmon w/Butternut Squash Home Fries; Pulled Tandoori Chicken; Spiced Coconut Chicken with Cumin Cauliflower Rice Are you all familiar with ? It is a great site and app to pull all your favorite (Whole30) recipes together. It recognizes recipes on a site and imports it, with the link for copyright purposes, then you can add tags, edit it for your tastes.... It is a life changer! I'm here to support and get support! We got this! Lynne
  3. Lynnefair

    For all those milky coffee lovers

    Anke! Your timing couldn't be more perfect! I've been missing my coffee (I also use soy milk, pre-whole30) and didn't care for just adding coconut milk! I'll give it a try tomorrow… can't wait! Thanks for sharing! Lynne
  4. Lynnefair

    Taking my kids to Amusement Park...

    Thanks guys! I have my tuna salad (lots of ice), lettuce for wraps, veggies, water, nuts etc. Wish me luck on the rollercoasters! I love 'em but they build them pretty scary these days!!
  5. Ok, I'm finishing day 5 of my 2nd Whole30 today. On Saturday, I'm taking my kids to Carowinds amusement park for my son's birthday. I am looking for ideas for things to take in a cooler so we can leave the park, picnic and then return for more fun. The kids may get a treat while we're there , but I KNOW there is nothing there for me and I want to be sure to make my body happy! Thanks for any suggestions! Lynne
  6. Lynnefair

    Flavored seltzer water

    A now reformed diet coke addict myself... I like the basic seltzer for a fizz fix once in a while. I surprisingly don't miss the diet coke at all.
  7. Lynnefair

    Please read this -- it's about priorities.

    Wow. My heart goes out to you and your friend's grieving family. You words ring SO true. Thanks for the reminder. {{{{Hugs}}}}