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    Lynnefair reacted to GraceMelodie in Who's starting 1/1?   
    Yes, the same thing happened to me but to a lesser extent two nights ago when I went out to dinner with three of my longtime friends.  One of my friends thoughtfully ordered olives so I could have some but I wasn't hungry since I had already eaten dinner at home.  Then she said I was going to lose too much weight and be too skinny if I kept following Whole30.  I assured her my main goal was not to lose weight but rather to have more energy.  I also assured her that I was eating well and I could eat potatoes and squash everyday.  That calmed her down.  Another one of my friends was recently doing Keto so she was the most supportive but she still kept offering me a bite of everything she ordered.  My other friend commented in disbelief at the end of the meal that I had not eaten anything in the 3 hours we were there and apologized to me at the end of the meal.  I assured her I was fine and I loved the ambience of the restaurant and spending time with them.  I have known this group of friends for thirty years (we met in junior high school) so I know part of it is that my eating choices makes them feel self-conscious about their eating choices.  Human beings are super social creatures and we are highly influenced by the people around us.  We have more fun when everyone at the table is indulging or in our case we are more motivated when we have a group that is completing Whole30 with us.  I think your reactions to your friends were spot on.  We can only reassure our friends and family we feel fine and offer information about Whole30 only if they really want to hear it.
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    Lynnefair reacted to mfustos in Who's starting 1/1?   
    Hello ladies! I started Jan 1 as well..This is my 5 or 6 time through, but the 1st I've done in over a year. Last year was a bit of an emotional roller coaster. I had a baby, (viktoriya my LO is 10 mos) lost a a beloved dog of 9 years unexpectedly, lost my mother, moved (and my mother and father in law have moved in with us in the mother-in-law suite in the basement) and have had some health concerns with my father-in-law and my father. My husband recently had a promotion at work which is great, except it has meant a lot of long hours and weekend work...which is not great. 
    I am doing another round of Whole30 to re-establish a good relationship with food. This past year I have pretty much been eating what is in front of me, partially bc I didn't make the time to cook healthy meals, and partially because when I was given a chance to eat, shower or sleep, I most always chose sleep (thus continuing the cycle of not eating well). In Sept I started developing Atopic dermatitis on my face, which I had experienced one other time but was able to take antibiotics to clear up. This time I haven't had that choice due to the fact that I am still breast feeding the LO. Needless to say, I have been on 3 separate creams and the areas are just NOW starting to clear up after 5 full days of being on Whole30. I had my suspicions that the dermatitis could be food related, but this will either confirm or dispel my theory. I started out eating sugary treats once in a while..and then it turned into "Oh, well, I'll just have this treat today and eat better tomorrow." Tomorrow started turning into next week, next week to next month...
    As someone who has been an anorexic twice, it is extremely important that when I get this lax in my relationship with food, it is only a matter of time before I start going down the dark path leading back to a very very bad place. 
    So I am back! Welcome to all of you newbies - there will definitely be difficult days but the physical and mental rewards are amazing! 
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    Lynnefair got a reaction from ChristyJ in Who's starting 1/1?   
    Hi!  I'm Lynne, 52, pediatric oncology nurse, 3 kids 16,18, 20.  This is my 2nd whole30 (I did 45 days), last one was in 2013 and I don't think I ever felt better in my life - really.  Unfortunately, I went on vacation immediately after and never reaped the benefit of understanding how reintroducing the various foods back into my diet affects me.  I jumped all in with travel fast food, vacation wine, little sleep etc...  My hands and feet were so swollen after the first day and no, we didn't fly!  Anyway, 5 days done now and my headache is gone - woohoo!  Looking forward to the amazing sleep and energy I had last time.   
    I have to say I was TRULY craving a glass of wine tonight, but instead I planned my meals for next week to pull my focus back to what is important to ME!  
    This week - Almond Butter Sesame Zucchini Noodles; Buffalo Chicken Egg Muffins; Simple Salmon w/Butternut Squash Home Fries; Pulled Tandoori Chicken; Spiced Coconut Chicken with Cumin Cauliflower Rice
    Are you all familiar with ?  It is a great site and app to pull all your favorite (Whole30) recipes together.  It recognizes recipes on a site and imports it, with the link for copyright purposes, then you can add tags, edit it for your tastes....  It is a life changer!
    I'm here to support and get support!  We got this!
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    Lynnefair reacted to Jihanna in Who's starting 1/1?   
    I cooked FISH! and ate it, too!
    It's probably the first time I've eaten any fish in the last 20 years, at the very least. The good news is that it didn't smell fishy at all, from the moment I opened the little seal-packs to the moment I put it in my mouth. Because of that lack of fishy smell and a mild flavor, I was able to actually enjoy eating it. I used very thin flounder fillets that I'd found in LIDL's frozen section, and the recipe was extremely simple - just put fish on a rimmed baking sheet lined with parchment paper, rub oil on the fish, use microplane to zest grapefruit directly onto the fish (I was probably a little overzealous with the zest, and also rubbed it in slightly), then salt it and bake at 350F for 12-16 minutes (until flaky). We had it with a side salad, which I loaded up with citrus fruits, and some zucchini.
    Here's to trying new things
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    Lynnefair got a reaction from flwrhead in Starting my log on day 20   
    Oh, how I look forward to the day of cravings going away!  You give me hope  .
    I am craving sweets although they are not typically my problem foods (bring me chips!) and wine - a definite bad habit item.   I agree that zoodles are wonderful, you'll have to let me know about the cucumber though, not so sure about it.
    Good luck with the balance of your whole30 and beyond.
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    Lynnefair reacted to flwrhead in Starting my log on day 20   
    I'm always running late! 
    So far, the only thing that has been difficult is the craving for sweets, which reinforced why I needed to stick with this and see it through. 
    For the first 15 days, I dreamt of food every night. Always things that are off-plan and sometimes things I don't have a problem with (like Lay's potato chips, I don't really care for them) but mostly sweets.  And then boom! Day 16 and no more food dreams, no more cravings. 
    I have been shopping and cooking more than I ever thought possible.  Printing and trying new recipes, bought a mandolin and zoodles are my new fave food; I'm trying cucumber noodes tonight (coodles?).  The only SWYPO food I've consumed was a Lara bar and that was because I was driving six hours straight and knew I couldn't eat restaurant food, I just didn't trust them.  I don't think I'll ever binge eat Lara bars, so I'm not stressing about it.
    Excited about taking my measurements on Day 31, and hesitant to reintroduce foods, particularly sugar.  I am adopting this as the way I eat all the time, with rare treats.  I know how the other foods make me feel - aches and pains, acid reflux, sinus issues regardless of the season, tired and bloated.  Why would I ever go back to that?  No thanks!
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    Lynnefair reacted to Ankinha in For all those milky coffee lovers   
    Hi all,
    today is the start of my week 3 on the Whole30. I normally have 1 cup of milky coffee  a day (with rice or soya milk) and I tried my usual cup with a big helping of coconut milk on week 1 and... hated it!
    BUT today I tried the following and it was gorgeous: I made my normal serving of coffee in my cafetiere, but added a pinch of cinnamon and pure cocoa. Once that was brewed I poured it into my blender, added a bit of fresh vanilla (from vanilla pods), a big helping of coconut milk and blended it twice, for less than a minute. Not only did I have some froth on the coffee, but it was also super delicious!!! Just wanted to share that with you guys and I will certainly have another cup tomorrow morning.
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    Lynnefair got a reaction from Cavegirlmegan in Lynne's Whole30 Log - My SELFish Project   
    Megan!  Yes, I'm still out here  !   I'm wanting to do another Whole30, I felt so good on it.  I'm finding it REALLY hard to get my act together to plan my meals.  I head back to nursing school on Monday and worry about having my stuff together for school & have my lunch packed...   then my three kids return to school and .... 
    I look forward to the amazing Whole30 sleep... the anxiety I'm experiencing right now is almost unbearable.  
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    Lynnefair got a reaction from riverwaters in Lynne's Whole30 Log - My SELFish Project   
    Ok. Here we go.... Anyone reading this is welcome to post encouragement ANYTIME!
    Day 1 has begun with a bang . I slept like a log last night as I'm just wrapping up a head cold and was thrilled not to cough all night! I get up at 5:10 am on weekdays to get my oldest out the door for a 6 am school bus. Then, my middle child to the bus and finally my "baby" heads out at 7:55.
    I had done some shopping last night and was ready to get started on my SELFish project. This morning, I wanted to get myself set up for success and made:

    Breakfast Sausage - who knew it was so easy and really good! Next time I'll make a larger batch! But for now I have 8 little patties in the freezer, to grab and sauté in no time flat!
    Chocolate Chili - is finishing it's simmer as I type! OMG it is tasty (yes, I had to take a little spoonful!). Maybe I won't miss the beans after all.
    Slow Cooker Chicken - honestly, the purpose of this is to make my own chicken stock. I picked up a 3.5# chicken (free-range, organic...) and threw some spices on it and put it over a layer of onion in the slow cooker. I'll pick the chicken off and make a few dishes for freezing then use the carcass for stock as I am a lover of soups/stews. Yet to do today:

    Prep my vegetables for easy use when I want them
    Reorganize my pantry and fridge to put Whole30 foods at eye level and w/in easy reach
    Take a nap (finish recovery from my cold)
    Walk/Run 1.5 miles - part of my beginner to 5K training
    Find non-junk Valentine gifts for my 3 kids (14, 12, 10) Oh, and I probably should shower!! I figure this is a great time for me to do this as I have struggled with trying to lose weight over the last several years. I decided a couple of weeks ago to take a leave of absence from school to devote more time to my kids during a rough patch (recent separation from husband of 16 yrs ). As I made that decision, I committed to make the most of my time to take care of myself as well.
    I hope to have a multi-sensory experience with Whole30, to include:
    - feeling of baggy jeans , no heartburn, less moodiness
    - seeing the light in my own eyes again, clearer skin
    - tasting yummy new foods and recipes
    - hearing the kids exclaim "What , you're not drinking diet coke?!!!!" and I hope a compliment or two
    - smelling the sweet smell of success and wanting to continue for another 30 days!!!
    Thirty days to start a WHOLE new life on so many levels! Here's to me and my SELFish journey!
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    Lynnefair reacted to Cavegirlmegan in Lynne's Whole30 Log - My SELFish Project   
    Hi Lynn, I went away for a little while and now I'm back, wondering if you're still out there? Hope all is well with you!
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    Lynnefair reacted to CraftyCarnivore in Spending way too much $$ on groceries!   
    It's funny. I see all these comments that fruits and vegs are "cheaper at the farmers market than in the store". Not here. And I've been to Farmers markets where they sell bananas. I have yet to see a banana "locally grown" in the Chicago area.
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    Lynnefair reacted to GoJo09 in Taking my kids to Amusement Park...   
    A frittata would be easy to transport and serve too - with big chunks of sweet potato and chicken... yum!
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    Lynnefair reacted to LoisH99 in Taking my kids to Amusement Park...   
    My spouse and I went to a huge furniture warehouse to shop last weekend--I packed a cooler with cold leftover roasted chicken pieces, carrot sticks, fruit and nuts. Bottles of water, too. Sat right in the parking lot and ate when we got hungry! One of my kids is a character at a theme park (like in the big animal suit). Says they have started selling some more healthy stuff at the kiosks such as fruit & yogurt. Have fun!
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    Lynnefair reacted to CraftyCarnivore in Taking my kids to Amusement Park...   
    Pretty much anything you would serve cold. Chicken salad, HB eggs, etc.
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    Lynnefair reacted to Derval in Project phoenix   
    Bring it!

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    Lynnefair reacted to Beets in Day 12 and NOTHING!? *insert tears*   
    Argh. My husband has recently developed a habit of watching old TV shows on his iPad before he goes to sleep. He claims it helps him unwind from job stress, but it is making me mental. He's clearly not getting enough sleep but when I try to bring out up he reverts to his 12 year old self.
    A sleep mask does really help. I listen to a relaxation track before I fall asleep so I don't work myself I to a frenzy about the stoopid iPad thing. (I have even fantasized about leaving a Dear John letter that says, "Now you can watch all the dumb TV you want! Enjoy!")
    That said, my husband is using headphones and is turned away from me. That plus the sleep mask is very helpful. Maybe you guys can work out a deal? Why can't he watch in the other room?
    Seriously the TV is the biggest issue in our marriage. When we met I didn't own one or plan to raise kids in a house with TV--nevermind in the bedroom!
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    Lynnefair reacted to Susan W in Hands and feet swell   
    This happens to me quite a bit especially when I walk outside. It doesn't happen in the gym. I always want to hold my hands above my head when I walk (yeah, cute look), but it does seem to go away fairly soon after I get back.
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    Lynnefair reacted to Cavegirlmegan in Cave girl Megan whole 30 log-week 1 recap   
    Taking Lynn's advice to post the compliments where I can see them....
    Got another unsolicited one from a coworkers (Kashley, so I can remember later)- Megan you are looking so healthy! Is it the crossfit? I mean, you always seem healthy, but you look really good"
    Maybe its crossfit, but I've been dong that 9 months and no one has said boo about it. Only 30 days of clean eating and suddenly big change.
    This is awesome because I feel like my clothes fit the same post30 and that now I had lost my glow with my dads birthday cheat, thus it felt like a little magic was ruined. Guess not! Re motivated again!
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    Lynnefair got a reaction from simonec in Nyx's first Whole 30ish log   
    I get the Chocolate Chili thing! It's great to start but do I really want to eat it every night????? I put it in single serving freezer bags and it has come in handy on nights when I just couldn't make myself cook.
    You're doing great!
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    Lynnefair got a reaction from Cavegirlmegan in Cave girl Megan whole 30 log-week 1 recap   
    Terrific! I love your summary and short of getting pregnant, I could cut and paste your list to mine. I'm done having my babies but wish you the very best - it's the greatest experience ever!!
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    Lynnefair reacted to Cavegirlmegan in Cave girl Megan whole 30 log-week 1 recap   
    Well, it is the end. And it was truly life changing, so really it's only the beginning! I'm sticking with this way of eating folks!
    Day 31/1
    Technically, I made it whole 28.5. I cheated at the end because I was on vacation with my dad for his birthday and really wanted to toast him with wine and celebrate with a little (ok a lot of) pie. Really these are the moments we should splurge in life so I have no guilt. I didn't know about this trip when I started and it probably would have just made me delay starting for another month and I would have missed the earlier benefits! And this cheat just reinforces how much better I had felt- Woke up the next morning with pimple on chin, headache and slept poorly. Workout that day was tough. Now that I know how much better I could feel, those side effects were noticeable! I really don't crave wine as much now that I know it makes me feel like hell the next
    End of whole 30(28.5) assessment
    7lbs lost
    Almost no headaches
    Clear, some would say glowing, skin
    Better focus, concentration
    Better energy
    Better sleep
    Less anxious/stressed/guilty feeling about eating and work and life in general
    Goals for continued improvement
    More control over cravings
    More weight loss
    More play and laughter
    More strength and crossfit goals (double unders, pull ups, Rx )
    More weekend food prep and new recipes
    Last but not least, Get pregnant!!!
    See you in the life after whole30 forum friends. Good luck and may the YUM be with you.
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    Lynnefair got a reaction from Derval in Lynne's Whole30 Log - My SELFish Project   
    Woohoo! Another 2.2 lbs down... I had a feeling that MY body would require more than 30 days! I may feel ok putting a swimsuit on before summer's over after all!!
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    Lynnefair got a reaction from Cavegirlmegan in Lynne's Whole30 Log - My SELFish Project   
    Well, it's DAY 31!!! I did it and am damn proud of myself! It was actually much easier than I thought it would be and I feel terrific. I lost 6.6 lbs and about 2" off my waist! Gotta love that!! I am going to do Dr. Oz's 3-day Detox this weekend, just for variety and to see if I can slap my metabolism in the ass and get things moving just a little faster ! Technically, it is still Whole30 compliant with healthy fats and no added sugars, grains etc........ but it is a real mix of fruits (which I really didn't eat on my Whole30) and veggies, PLUS there is NO cooking AND hardly any dishes!!! A welcome change.
    Come Monday, I'll be back to my Whole lifestyle at least through the rest of the month.... I can really see this as a lifestyle I can live with. I have labs scheduled to be drawn next week and a complete physical on the 26th. I'm anxious to see what comes of it all!
    I'll be hanging around here at least through the end of my Whole45!
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    Lynnefair got a reaction from Cavegirlmegan in Cave girl Megan whole 30 log-week 1 recap   
    Megan, I suggest you print that last post and hang it somewhere you can see it during iffy times! Those kind of unsolicited compliments are priceless! Congrats!!
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    Lynnefair got a reaction from Derval in Lynne's Whole30 Log - My SELFish Project   
    Woohoo! Another 2.2 lbs down... I had a feeling that MY body would require more than 30 days! I may feel ok putting a swimsuit on before summer's over after all!!