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  1. Sarah Snyder

    The crazy things people say

    I got another one! For those who don't's Girl Scout Cookie season here....and Girl Scout Cookies are like crack. It's basically a right of passage to buy several boxes (or more!) every year and stash them away in your freezer for noshing on throughout the year b/c you can ONLY get them from adorable children/teenagers in the late winter/early spring. My brother actually told me I was a fool for doing a Whole30 right now b/c it's Girl Scout Cookie season. But that's not the point of my post! My (infamous) boss bought our office a box of cookies.....the yummy ones with a cookie topped with caramel and coconut and chocolate.... Boss: Hey Sarah, I bought you guys some cookies! Me: Are you trying to kill me? Boss: Nah, these are the ones with coconut! You said coconut is okay, right?? Me: Sure, when it's not in the form of a sugar bomb... Then I put a few in the freezer for safekeeping lol!
  2. Sarah Snyder

    The crazy things people say

    I have a more positive one too... My bosses (as you can see above) are very VERY ignorant of nutrition. I work for a very small family business (they are a married couple), and they provide us with family-style lunches every day. A while back, knowing I was trying to eat healthier, the wife fixed up a lunch of plain spaghetti noodles with a side "salad" that was just lettuce, with both being drizzled with olive oil. She thought that was just the pinnacle of a healthy lunch. AND that it was tasty! And then...early in my W30, I brought my own lunch that entailed zucchini noodles. She looked at it and said, "I thought you weren't allowed to eat pasta?" So, yay! a) "Pasta is not a health food" finally sunk in! and the zucchini noodles passed as pasta! We're getting somewhere!!! Baby steps...
  3. Sarah Snyder

    The crazy things people say

    OH and this was a doozy... My friend's birthday was on my day 3. On day 2... Me: I'm gonna have to figure out something to eat other than the pizza and cake that's planned... My friend: For my birthday present, I want you to eat pizza and cake! Me: What kind of bullsh*t request is that? I'm doing this to be healthier and you're basically saying my gift to you is to be less healthy? No. BUT...on the flipside...while everybody was eating their cake, he said, "do you want some fruit or something?" So that was nice.
  4. Sarah Snyder

    The crazy things people say

    Me: I can't wait for all the pineapple and macadamia nuts when I go to Hawaii in April! My boss: Oh, those are very high in cholesterol... Me: Huh??