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About Me

I'm relatively healthy except for this tire 'round the middle. I started being more active when I turned thirty after years of never exercising - I was not involved in any sports or activities as a child or teen - I had chores to do on the farm. At thirty two, I started competing in triathlons and burned myself out in the first year by doing 6. I switched mainly to biking and running. A running injury set me back this spring from finishing training for my first ultra, and coincided with a pretty severe bout of depression. As the depression began to fade, I got back on my bike and ran a little, but the injury continued to nag. I decided to try Crossfit, which was only a few weeks ago. Man, that's hard. My running is still slim, though my biking is increasing again.

I thought about trying Paleo back in January of 2011, but was just ending five years as a vegetarian/vegan, and wasn't quite ready to eat that much meat. I also made a lot of excuses about how I train so much so I can eat anything I want. While I realize that might still be true, I want to see what it would be like to be fully healthy. I wonder if this can stabilize my moods, decrease my knee pain, clear up my skin, help me sleep better without having to wear earplugs, and finally get rid of all that adipose tissue around my middle - all that visceral fat that just doesn't get burned when I'm eating crap that provokes an insulin response.

So here I am. I've spent the last 6 weeks clearing out my pantry (read: eating my food stores - I used to have scarcity issues) and cutting things out as I finish them. I've cut out gluten four about 4 weeks now. Not really being a bread person, this part didn't kill me. I stopped using sugar in my coffee ages ago, and haven't bought a processed food since March. My cupboards are nearly bare, but my fridge and freezer are stocked with veggies and meats. I'm still eating fruit and dairy for another couple of weeks. I live alone, and though he doesn't live with me, my boyfriend and I eat a lot together. Since he will eat anything, he doesn't mind these shifts. That will make it easier.

My official "start date" is June 1st. Yes, yes, I know, why not start now? Because I set a date with my twin.

The reason I'm doing this: My twin.

He's not terribly unhealthy (anymore - so glad you gave up the diet sodas and dorritos!). But I do worry about him. And with very little need to convince, mostly just by asking, my twin brother is going to do this with me.

He's in Florida, I'm in California. We're going to use this site to track each other and talk about it, since we have opposite schedules. But knowing that this isn't just about my health, but about the health of one of the most important people in my life, I will stay committed. If it weren't for Rich, I could make more excuses.

But we're set. We're in. This is for us.

Thank you, twin.