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  1. CoGrl

    Starting July 20 - Who's In?

    my husband and I started on July 19th, on day 3 now! So far so good! This is our 3rd Whole30 and we have loved it both of the times we have done it before! I have a 7 month old and stopped breastfeeding a month ago, so I a ready to hit the reset button!!
  2. CoGrl

    February 2013 Starters

    Day 29 for us - and we are feeling pretty good about our W30. My husband has decided to give up his beloved diet coke, and is planning on continuing to eat this way moving forward. I really believe in the Paleo lifestyle and I am excited about moving forward with revisits to the structure of W30 every now and then. One thing I did not anticipate was how much my period would affect me going through this month. I did great the first 3 weeks regarding cravings, sleep, etc. I could feel myself slimming down, was waking up with energy every day and really just felt great. The last several days I have had strong cravings - not for anything particular, just something ELSE. I have not slept well, and have felt really bloated. I have also felt like I have been eating soo much! PMS kicking my butt!! Hoping all of that will calm back down my last couple of days so I can feel strong as I finish out these 30 days. I am looking forward to doing a 14 day challenge with a few changes for the next 2 weeks before I head to Vegas for my sister's bachelorette party! Yay! One last post to come on day 31 - it has been inspiring reading everyone's stories as they finish up!
  3. CoGrl

    February 2013 Starters

    Day 15 today for us. I have felt like the last few days have been a little weird - not great sleep for either of us, a little moodiness today for me, and I have been a little bloated and gassy over the last few days. Hoping this phase passes - not sure if it is just the regular addition of a lot of veggies, or is there is something else that is triggering it. This weekend we made several new items - some mayo, the ranch dressing, bone broth, and a mango avocado salsa for mahi-mahi. Cooking is a lot more fun than it was before. :-) My sister also started the Whole 30 last Monday, which has been super fun! We are swapping recipes and experiences! Exciting! Goal for this week is to regularly get in my exercise. As a teacher, I have really skimped on working out over the last year, and I am finally coming home with the energy to get things done. The best thing so far has been waking up with energy and not feeling like I just want to sleep all day! Here's to week # 3!
  4. CoGrl

    February 2013 Starters

    Day 8 here - we had a great weekend, and today was a work day at home for me. I felt pretty good all day, though when I did get out of the house for a bit, I felt SUPER crabby and irritated. Not sure why - I haven't felt like that since the 2nd or 3rd day. I am not really having any cravings, and have been drinking a lot of water with Jasmine Green Tea...delish! Hubby is starting to feel his pants get looser - which I think is really helping him feel better about what we are doing. One thing that I have been really trying to do over the last week is listen to podcasts by Paleo "experts" such as Everyday Paleo, etc. The information is great, but it also helps to keep focused on what my goals are in completing the Whole 30 - to change not only my way of eating, but my life as a whole. I am really looking forward to the effects of doing this Whole 30 will have on our lifestyle, etc. Personally, I have had some issues over the last few years with sciatic/IT band, and I am now thinking about removing nightshades for the last 2 weeks to see if that helps with pain/inflammation. I really didn't think about that at all until I heard about people's experiences of getting rid of pain/inflammation via the podcasts. I would be pretty sad to not be able to eat tomatoes and peppers, etc. but would be ridiculously excited if it helps with those issues. So, things are going well, looking forward to another day!
  5. CoGrl

    February 2013 Starters

    Would love to join the February Whole30! We started on the 11th(my husband and I). I am feeling great - he is having a little harder time. We started eating paleo last January, but didn't stick to it very well over the last 6 months or so. (Got married in Italy over the summer - was a little tough to stay away from the pasta and pizza!) My husband has *undiagnosed* celiac, and both of us are unable to eat much dairy, so really, cutting wine out has been the most difficult thing. First week had its tough moments, but we are looking forward to the next few weeks! :-). Starting Friday, day 5, I had a ton of energy and was getting out of bed much easier than normal - we did go to bed that night at about 7:30 though! Lol! Looking forward to seeing how everyone is doing on their Whole30!