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    I've been searching the forum for HOURS, and I think this is the best place for my questions. I am getting ready to start my first Whole30 (actually 90-100) with the AI and IBS protocol. I'm coming up with some ideas for breakfast, so I think I can live without eggs as a meal, but what about as an ingredient? I want to try salmon patties, mayo and dressings, but they all call for egg as an ingredient.I know an egg replacer can be made with ground flax seed, but that's a seed, so I imagine it will be off-limits, too. Is there another suitable replacement for eggs, or is it OK to use them as an ingredient? And what about almond meal/flour? That is an ingredient in some recipes, but nuts are off-limits. What about citrus juice as an ingredient in dressings (I'm not a fan of vinegar) and to squeeze a bit on fish or on avacado to keep it from browining? I also take quite a few supplements. I think I can eliminate and/or find substitutes for the ones with soy, but there are a couple that contain rice. Is that a big issue? Will it interfere with results if I continue taking them? Thanks for your input!