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  1. Trineoty

    Spending way too much $$ on groceries!

    Our largest household bill, aside from the mortgage, is groceries. It is very expensive to eat this way, but the way you have to view it is this: you are either going to spend it on the front end and stay healthy, or you are going to spend it on the back end paying for medical costs. Personally, I look at my 78 yo dad running circles around his friends, and I choose health. We buy 1/2 a grass fed cow from a local farmer. If there is a sale on organic chicken I stock up. We buy farm eggs from local farmers. I feel like I forage for food. It's a huge process getting groceries. I put coolers in my car, and make the rounds. I don't shop the aisles very much....mostly the periphery. I buy online......Amazon prime, greenpolkadotbox, sea Snax,.....I buy at Trader Joes where I live. Decide what your budget will be, then stick to the budget. If you can put out a chunk of money for a quarter to half a cow, the meat is much cheaper that way. Once the budget is used up, it's used up. Your children have to learn they also can't eat all the "good" stuff. Once the "snacks" are gone, their gone. Plus, eating out is a whole lot more expensive. Do with less in other areas so that you don't have to skimp on the grocery bill.
  2. Trineoty

    Don't over think this.

    Love this post! Thank you, Robin. I am definitely one who overthinks and can become legalistic in the rules when it pertains to food and my body. I've had disordered eating for most of my adult life. I know I am not going to fix everything in 30 days, with how I view food, or how I see my body, but it is a journey filled with baby steps......and three steps forward, two steps back. The conventional American diet sets us up for failure by feeding us low-fat, processed garbage that never satisfies us nutritionally or emotionally. When you are eating whole food made traditionally, food is delicious, amazing, and satisfying. You are nourishing your body, and teaching it to listen to its own signals......imagine that! What a concept!