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  1. Is this what it feels like?

    That's the problem. I can't/won't do a completely clean Whole30. But like I said, I've taken good things away nonetheless
  2. I stopped my Whole30 at Day 21ish because I realized at day 20 that I hadn't been following the guidelines as strictly as I thought I was (eating bread at church each week for religious purposes - something I didn't even think about while on the program). That wasn't something I was willing to give up, so I loosened up my Whole30 restraints a bit. I tried a piece of fresh organic Galician cow's cheese a few days ago and it tasted heavenly. Then I went really crazy last night at a pizza party and had a couple pieces of pizza. Other than that, I've maintained a "clean" diet. I did fine after that small piece of cheese, but we're going on 24 hours after the pizza and I feel completely wiped out! Last night I barely made it to my bed I was so tired - like I had taken a prescription pain reliever or mega-dose of Nyquil. If this is what eating refined flour feels like now, no thank you!! Would whole grains have the same effect? On another note, although I didn't finish the Whole30, I'm amazed at the results after just three weeks! I thought I would be so anxious to eat the "forbidden" foods again. But I'm not! I realized that I missed the idea of certain foods, but not the foods themselves. I'm a life-long popcorn eater (I could live on the stuff) and before and during Whole20 I had such a hard time passing it up. Now I don't even want it. The same goes for Greek yogurt and (gasp) dark chocolate! My relationship with food has completely changed. So I would definitely say the program was a success for me!
  3. Tabasco Substitute

    The green Tobasco has corn starch. We can't use ours either Or our Sriracha, which I'm REALLY missing!
  4. No! No! No! Sodium Caseinate...

    Yeah, I found that too I ALSO found something saying that the FDA claims that it's so processed that they don't even consider it a lactose protein. But we also know how reliable their health guidelines are... And I guess it could be considered a blessing in disguise since I wasn't hungry and didn't really NEED to eat. I was just looking for my traditional "kids are in bed" snack. So I brewed up some Chamomile tea instead!
  5. I think I already know what the answer to this will be...but I'll ask anyway. I was so excited to find coconut milk at a local grocery store that wasn't chalk full of gunk. Ingredients: 99.9% pure coconut milk, sodium caseinate. I didn't even THINK about the second ingredient until I got home with my four cartons (different packaging then I've seen before...). Now I've got a bowl of sliced bananas with coconut milk poured over them waiting for me in the fridge and I don't know what to do! I'm trying to rationalize it by telling myself that it's only .1% of the total ingredients. I was just so excited to find it because so many other Whole30 compliant foods are nearly impossible to find here or outrageously expensive. We have a couple of very small health food stores, but nothing like a Whole Foods or Trader Joes and so far I haven't seen any other "good" coconut milk. So someone please just tell me what I already know so I can hide the rest of it in some deep dark corner of my pantry...
  6. I think you should read Robin's response to my question about my picky non-protein eating son. It was just what I needed to hear! I basically focused on getting as many fruits, vegetables and fats (smoothies are great for this. Not truly Whole30, but for kids, I'm willing to bend the rules. He'll also eat most of them in their whole form, so I'm not worried about starting bad habits) into him as I could and totally made the meat a non-issue. Well amazingly, he has started eating the meat and eggs without a fight (I always have to have mustard on the table). I actually have a theory that something he was eating before (wheat? dairy?) was throwing his gut off-balance and made it hard to digest the proteins and that's why he wasn't wanting to eat them often. But now that he's off that stuff, I'm seeing big changes in his eating. I guess what I'm trying to say is give him what he likes, but just make sure he's getting the other important stuff too! And good luck! I know how difficult it can be to have a child with eating issues.
  7. Murph

    What a wonderful way to commemorate Memorial Day! I did a seriously abbreviated version a couple years ago when Hubby had me doing CrossFit with him and it still almost killed me. Way to go!
  8. Oh boy, can I ever sympathize with you! I'm a popcorn ADDICT (only stove-popped with coconut or olive oil will do for me) and resisting the urge to grab a handful of popcorn when I popped some for my kids the other night was my hardest Whole30 moment yet! Good for you for hopping back on the wagon and not letting that little slip derail you. Good luck!
  9. Amazing Pulled Pork

    Isn't it?? It's on my menu for this week again too!
  10. Kids Lunch Ideas

    Thanks! Fantastic ideas all the way around. Part of our problem here is simply availability. I've tried making almond butter (didn't grind it very smooth) and he didn't like it. But I'm going to try roasting the almonds first next time and see what he thinks. Once summer rolls around, it will be easier, but right now I've got to find things I can put in his lunch bag. Next year I'm buying each of my boys a planet box and then we can REALLY have fun with their lunches!
  11. Hoping a Whole30 is the answer

    Welcome aboard! I was actually amazed by how easy it was to pass up the "no-no's" in the first day or so. I thought I'd fight some major cravings but I'm enjoying what I can have so much, I don't even think about what I can't. Good luck on your journey and I hope you find the results you're looking for!
  12. Kids Lunch Ideas

    I need some inspiration. My poor little first-grader is not thrilled with the lunches I've been sending him (mostly leftovers from dinner). He's been a good little boy and has been eating everything, but tonight he told me, "Mom, I used to get excited about snack and lunch. I don't get excited anymore." Not that his lunches were "exciting" to begin with - a ham and cheese or peanut butter sandwich with some fruit or vegetable and a juice box. Every single day. I don't know how he didn't get bored! But I'd love to bring him more on board with this whole thing by offering lunches he'll look forward to. Any suggestions? I've yet to find any kind of compliant lunch meat (it's funny to see how unnatural the stuff they label as "natural" over here really is) and he doesn't like olives, so those are out. But I'd love other ideas that you can pass my way!
  13. Fat sources

    I wish I had some suggestions, but I all can do is offer my sympathy. My husband is going through the same thing in Afghanistan. And even if he did order or I sent him stuff, he has no way to prepare/store most of it. Good luck! (I'm going to have see what this "meenut butter" stuff is...)
  14. breakfast foods?

    It's up in the recipe section
  15. Amazing Pulled Pork

    I thought this would last me all week, but it's so good, it only made it three days! I was tempted to only use one onion, but I'm so glad I threw the second one in. I was eating them by the forkful!